Monday, July 20, 2020

The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson

Hi friends!

Last week I went to Alex Anderson's home for the taping of the Quilt Show! You know, nothing ever happens overnight and there is always a story behind any event in life.

So here is the story.

I was scheduled to tape a show last year but as you all know, that wasn't meant to be. Sometimes what doesn't materialize turns out to be the best thing ever because life always has a way of turning things around for you when you are not looking.

Early this year, soon after I returned from India, we all went in to stay-at-home order. With a complete shut down, I knew for sure there wasn't going to be any taping of the show in 2020 either.

I was wrong. As the restrictions lifted to certain extent, The Quilt Show decided to tape the shows at two different locations. With keeping all social distancing guidelines in mind, Alex Anderson opened up her home to tape few shows with local artists in the area and I was one of them.

It was a fun day for sure. I was little nervous about choosing the right quilts that would convey my story and the demos that would be right for the time frame we were given.

The day of the taping approached faster than I thought. Just a couple of days before the show, I got a call from Alex, (who is also in my quilt group) telling me that she and her husband got tested for Covid-19 and both had tested negative. I couldn't be happier. Knowing that, and the fact that I do not go anywhere, I felt safe for the taping of the show.

The Quilt Show crew was great to work with.  Although, I must say, if I ever were to run into them on the street, I wouldn't recognize them at all as their faces were covered with the masks during the entire session.

If there is anything I would change about the day, I would wear a mask not just before but also during the taping of the show. Alex and I both discussed in length over this past weekend. We both agreed, the times we are living in, it is crucial to convey the importance of wearing a mask ourselves.

Here we are, under the tent in Alex's backyard. Freddy Moran had just called Alex and I was talking with her in this moment.

Here are two nicest cameramen setting up the room for shooting.

They all were wearing the funniest smiling masks. I could tell they were really smiling from their eyes.

Producer Shelly explaining the step by step instructions to me. This all was so new to me, I was listening to every single word.

Here we are at the demo table. For the first time, I realized how much work goes into taping of an hour long show. They were all so professional and courteous! The best part of taping was, I never had to drive or fly out of the state.

Alex doesn't know this but I had heard of her just as I was starting out as a quilter and now we are in the same quilt group. Life is full of full circle moments! It was a treat to meet her husband and work with her crew.
I am not sure when the show will air but I think pretty soon. Stay tuned, I will keep you all posted.