Thursday, March 4, 2021

Conversations on Quilts from India


 It is my lucky week and I want to share my joy with you all.


Quilt from The Henry Drewal Collection

Lately my posts here on the blog  have been far and few in between. But I am happy to be sharing any information I can here about the quilting in India. 

There are two online events coming up within a week or so. I highly recommend that you sign up for both. That is if you are into any kind of hand quilting and hand stitching. 

The first event is about the Kantha Revival in Easter India and Bangladesh. What we know as quilter is kantha stitching but most have very little info on what an actual Kantha quilt is. This is a really good opportunity to view the film and join the conversation.  

Kantha of Bangladesh Tickets- $5-10


Here is another event of Siddi Quilts of India. It is a conversation between Dr. Henry Drewal and Dr. Sarah Khan. 

The quilts from their collection are in an exhibit at Cove St. Arts . It will be worth a drive if you are anywhere near Portland, ME.

February 6 - March 27 2021

This exhibition is co-curated by Henry J. Drewal, Evjue-Bascom Professor of African and African Diaspora Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who first saw kawandi while documenting Siddi expressive culture in 2004 and Sarah K. Khan. All of the quilts in the exhibition are by members of the nonprofit Siddi Womens’ Quilting Cooperative, which is keeping this tradition alive and vibrant

You can also sign up for an event on eventbrite  - click on the link below. You may not want o miss this at all.

Soulful Stitching by Siddi's of Karnataka - Tickets  $0-100

I would love to know what you thought after you attend these events.


Have a great week!


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Stories in Stitches - A New Begining



I was quite certain to be able to offer workshops in the month of January but it took us few weeks to get our footings back in the home. I have spent last three weeks unpacking, arranging and rearranging our belongings. I am sure it is not the end of it all but excited that we have managed to make some progress towards normalcy of life. 

Here is a little peek at my sewing space. There is a lot to organize. I can not wait to get my hands on my stash!


Guess what? All the plant babies survived the apartment from late summer to early winter. 



For me, normalcy in life also means teaching more workshops and I am happy to offer new workshops for Siddi quilt. Please click on the link below to sign up for the class. Once you have registered, you will have the access to the supply list and instructions for light prep work.  

You will also find the link for the zoom meeting for the day of the workshop.


Feel free to send an email if you have nay questions regarding the workshops. 

Happy Stitching!