Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I am almost done with that other quilt I shared in previous post. I am going to have to wait to bind it until I get home again.

I basted two quilts before leaving for San Diego. Small quilts don't really take that long to quilt, especially when you have lot of time on your hands.

I am really glad these are small quilts too. After moving to California, I have missed seeing my quilts on the walls. This door in our apartment has become quite the feature lately. I have taken pictures of different quilts. You may have seen a couple of them on instagram. The light is always perfect here!
I will have to bring this quilt back here in the apartment once it is bound and labeled.

Once I started quilting, it progressed organically. It started to look like steam rising on a hot day.

Then I decided to change it up a bit and stitched with red thread. Quilts made with used clothing are so soft, the needle runs through it like butter.

You never know what tomorrow might bring.  I may add few more stitches to it to I will start on the second quilt.

This second quilt is made of an old shirt, a dress and few scraps of my husband's shirt.

Both these quilts were made at the same time. I can call them twins. Funny how they got basted at the same time and on the same backing too!

When I have smaller quilts, I layer them together. It makes it easier to quilt on the edges without having to use larger piece of batting or backing.

Do you ever do that?


  1. Just lovely pieces Sujata....so vibrant great work hugs, Julierose

    1. Thank you, Julierose! I have enjoyed working on this quilt for past week. Our quilts are such great way to see where and how our time goes.

  2. Replies
    1. Christine, I don't think I will ever stop using it.

  3. Since I don't hand quilt, I don't sandwich two on the same back - but for the small quilts, it could easily be done for machine quilting (although not so much for those using a DSM since it adds extra bulk to push around). So happy to find you posting here again! And I continue to admire your hand stitching.

    1. You are right, Julie. It does not make sense to bulk up quilts for machine quilting. I have done so for smaller quilts while machine quilting just to have a handle on them.
      It is nice to have some quiet time and not working on class quilt or the quilt from the book. I have missed posting just random work in progress. It makes me feel like being back to normalcy of blogging. Who knows how long this would last but making the best of my free time these days.

  4. These are both beautiful. Isn't it nice to have the rhythm of hand quilting to eliminate the stresses of the day. I adore your work.

    1. I couldn't agree more with you! It definitely brings all things chaos back into a rhythm. Thank you for being a constant supporter. xo


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