Thursday, July 19, 2018


UFO - A word widely used in quilting community but I checked, I have not. Not that I am aware of.

It's not that I have stuck with all my projects from start to finish but they do get finished one way or the other. At times I have used a quilt top as a back and considered it finished :)

So why am I thinking of UFOs today?

I have been invited to be a featured artist at two local guilds in 2019. It will be really nice to be able to see some of my old favorites hanging with my current quilts.

Usually when I am presenting or teaching, I am there to explain my journey as a quilter. When the show goes on for three days; I want my quilts to speak for themselves, guide the viewers from the beginning to end and so it is important to have those tops finished into quilts.

I began quilting this old quilt just a few days ago. Organic piecing lines blending with slow and steady organic hand stitches are making quite a splash in not so perfect way.

I have also decided to enter these three quilts in an upcoming quilt show in Pacific Northwest. We will have to see what the judges think of them.

Speaking of shows, if you haven't read my dear friend Judy Martin's post today, you must check it out. Her work and words both inspire me so much. 

With that I am going to get back to my stitching to add my day to this quilt.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thank you for that link - wonderful reading. I hope the judges appreciate the beauty of your work - it is very special indeed.

  2. Super quilting on your present quilt and Judy's post came through on my reading list yesterday, an amazing post and what an exhibition!

  3. Love them all, and am sure the "judges" will too :-)

  4. What beautiful quilts and what a great idea to use quilt tops as backing for others!! Thank you!
    Actually I am making “Endless Mountains” from your book but in the horizontal version so it looks like waves.
    It will be for my daughter who loves the ocean and is done in solids and many shades of blue, turquoise, green etc.
    Love your book!
    Best wishes!

  5. I love your UFO! You asked for name suggestions on me it looks like bright shirts flapping on the clothesline, looking upward to leafy trees and blue sky. Hope you are happy in your new home!

  6. I hope to see you in at least one of these shows next year. Your older piece shows how you developed ideas for your book. Quite interesting.
    Enjoy this time with your family and your quilts.


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