Friday, March 19, 2010

Going Green

 I have been quilting for at least 15 years for now. During this time I must have thrown  away  hundreds of yards of precious selvage by now. Ever since I came across Karen Griska's blog and saw what could be done with those strings, I had been feeling sorry for not saving them. 
I decided to put all of the should have and could have aside and started gathering my own pile of selvage. Soon, I realized that if you constantly tear and slice like I do, it does not take that long to collect enough selvage to make a small project.

It is exciting to try something I have never done before. It reminds me of my aunt who used to piece every string she could get her hands on. She even tied the tail ends of the threads and saved to reuse. I did not understand all that as a little girl but now it makes perfect sense!

Today's project may not be as utilitarian as those in old days but makes me happy! In an effort on going green, I will piece the back from scraps and patch the batting pieces to make a large enough piece for a small quilt.


Stay tuned to see what happens next!


  1. I shudder at the thought of how many selvages I've thrown away over the years too. I've also started saving some and will do a small project just to try it.
    Normally, I cut a strip of fabric that's a couple inches x WOF then cut pieces from it. Only a very tiny piece of selvage was tossed. Cutting a length of the selvage off first is hard to get used to!
    I love your little house. Perfect for those strings! :)

  2. Ann,
    I am glad you commented on the width of the strips!
    I should have cut those selvage strips wider. I had real hard time piecing them. It will also help to see more color on the patch. I am having a little difficult time working with so much white. Not my first choice of color in quilts!

  3. I have been making tote bags out of these! so much fun! I'm also nerdily excited to looking at which colors are in which prints. I hope you have fun!

  4. Your blog and quilts are lovely and glad you shared it on flickr!


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