Monday, March 22, 2010

Thomas' Quilt

Few years ago when I worked at a quilt shop, an artist named Thomas Wurst stopped by to buy some fabric. It was interesting to watch him select various textures and scale of the prints over the colors. He needed only 2" strips of each fabric. I could tell that he had never bought fabric before!

No store sells 2" strips and better yet, no quilter buys 2" strips of fabrics! Really!!!

As I was cutting the fabrics for him, I asked what he was planning to do with all those 1/8 yards of fabrics   He said that he was going to make a quilt.

Few months later Thomas stopped by with most beautiful quilt I had ever seen.  I can not remember if it was hand or machine pieced! He had hard time quilting it and the quilt had puckered from few places. It looked like a vintage scrappy quilt! The tiny squares were painstakingly pieced one at a time and  must have taken him a long time to finish that quilt.

I asked his permission to make that quilt in the class. Since I was inspired by his quilt in the first place, it got his name too. Thomas went on making miniature quilt paintings. He also made some pillows with similar technique. I wonder what he is up to these days!

As you can see, I still need to quilt mine! Now that the tops are piling up, I have decided to pull them out one at a time and give machine quilting a try.
Wish me luck! When it comes to machine quilting, I really need it!


  1. Good luck with the machine quilting! That is one beautiful quilt!!

  2. Oh my GOODNESS! I love this quilt. Thomas was truly ahead of his time. 2" strips indeed!

  3. Sujata: I was in that class! I sent you an email picture of my "Thomas" quilt! It's still one of my favorites although my hair is grey now because of it!

  4. great quilt, WOW am I ever impressed, would love to see a close up of a few blocks please.
    would love to know more about this artist, sounds like he has made some interesting quilts.

  5. Helen, How can I forget! I am still jealous of your quilt! Kathie, the quilt was constructed in strips. I posted some more pictures and I hope this helps!


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