Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Talk about Patience!

Is quilting really about patience? 
Often times my non-quilting friends and relatives have wondered about my "patience" to create a quilt. All though, I have to admit that at times I have been frustrated in the past over a quilt or two, I am not sure if quilting is about having patience. I believe that any thing we do in life, if done with passion and devotion does not require hurrying the process. In which case no matter how long it takes from the beginning to the end of a project, It is all about enjoying the journey and staying in the moment.

 This is a king size coverlet made out of two pieces of whole cloth. The top layer is finished with reverse Applique on a whole cloth! 
Talk about patience!

King size! really!!!
 The stone panels of these arches were hand carved in short pieces and then put together!
 In rural India, inspirations are every where!
 Could  this carved stone window be turned into a quilt by using the clam-shell patches? 

I am certain that the artisans who created these were paid to do so, but I would also like to think that they enjoyed creating such beauties with great passion!

 What do you think?


  1. Your blog is beautiful and I love the pastels quilt hanging in the sunshine. But most of all I love the quilt you use in your profile picture. Did you make that? Is it on your blog somewhere. It is absolutely beautiful.

  2. It IS all about the journey and one will never experience this kind of beauty if they continue to be in a hurry.

  3. If you love doing something it takes patience to stop. When friends comment that a quilt was a lot of work I have to reply that it was a lot of play.
    On the other hand, the king size quilt would be work for me. What a lot of gorgeous detail!

  4. What beautiful photos, quite inspiring! I think that things created with passion have patience built in, called joy. Of course, not everyone can relate to our individual passions with the same joy, but indeed can appreciate the creation.

  5. beautiful pictures. I can't imagine doing all that applique white on white, but WOW what an amazing curtain that would be.

  6. The design of the carved stone window would make a great machine quilting design; it's simply wavy lines that touch at concave and convex points. Love it!


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