Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's here!

Look what arrived today from Victoria @ Bumble Beans

I love my quilt! 
So bright, happy and cheerful!

Don't you think it is gorgeous?

Look at all the applique she did!
Yup! That's all hand stitching!
And did you see the corners? She mitered them! 
That green stripe looks so dramatic!

Thanks, Victoria!
I can not tell you how much fun this was!
Since I took this pledge just a few days ago, this will be the perfect opportunity to walk through the process of this quilt.

  Victoria's block

My block

I played with the orientation of the block for a while.
Blue and Green were the two colors that caught my attention so I stuck with them!

Kept playing  and working on it until I was somewhat satisfied.

All the while I was working on this quilt, Victoria was on my mind.
She had just blogged about her fishing trip to the cabin. 
It wasn't long before those things blended in to the quilt

Now I had a definite direction for this quilt.

 I had achieved what I was looking for.... I thought!
Kept the piece on the design wall for next couple of days. 

Still not completely happy, I kept going back and forth. 
Did not know when to call it a quits!
You know with a 'housetop' quilts, you can go on forever!
But something was missing!

Did I say House Top?

That is just what it needed!

Using the same scraps from the logs of my house block, I hand appliqued the roof top and it all made sense!
The lake, the cabin, and blue sky and even the lush green open fields. 
It all came together!
Little green stripe in her block became the chimney and the pink wavy strips became road to the vacation home!
I even managed to insert a tall building of New York city on the left!

Added some more blue for the design balance. Quilted it with waves... My favorite way of quilting! 
It represents the gentle breeze by the lake side!

Does anyone recognize the binding? 

Yes, It is the same binding from the 'Flower Pot'!
You guessed it! It is the back of the quilt!

 Here is the quilt on my mantle hanging with the help of masking tape.


And the back....


I hope you liked it, Victoria!


  1. It's coming with me to my cabin Friday! I love it! Thank you Sujata, for doing this fun little project with me... it's all good energy sewn into that little quilt. enjoy!

  2. Awesome job! Victoria is so lucky....she gets a bonus quilt on the back too :)

  3. Fabulous - both quilts - what a great exchange!

    Don't you love it when we take time to listen to our quilts and our selves until things are "just right" and we feel that burst of "OH, YES!" ?!?!?

  4. Lucky Victoria! That quilt is so gorgeous. To put a roof on and turn in into a house was genius. And to combine it with your flower pot makes it so very extra special. If I'm ever in a swap I hope I get you as a partner!

  5. Hi Sujata, I just discovered your blog :)
    Your play of colors and textures is incredible!
    I enjoyed looking through some of your earlier quilts.

  6. Wonderful two sided quilt! What a lucky recipient.

  7. Both quilts are truly delightful! What creative gals you are!! Thanks for sharing your process.

  8. you guys both did such a great job. love the process pics - and yes all of a sudden that roof really pulled it all together.

  9. Such delightful playful sewing fun!


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