Friday, June 25, 2010

Our Family Portrait

I picked up our graduate son from the airport on Wednesday. 
As soon as we all entered the family room my daughter, who is the youngest uttered, "I am so glad everyone is in the same room." 
She had to wait almost six months for her brothers to arrive home from school. That was not easy! 

Yes, the whole family is here!

This was her rendition of the family back in first grade. 
I turned that into a little fabric collage.
("Refrigerator Art Quilts" by Jennifer Paulson)

Big brother had short hair. Younger brother had big ears.
According to her, I was really skinny! 
  Who am I to argue with that?
Dad wore lot of plaids.. He is wearing scrap of one of those shirts!
And, she was just a little mouse then.

Oh.. the years have gone by! 

Here are her two big brothers enjoying yesterday's storm. 

 I think she looks beautiful twirling my Amish Quilt. 

My sewing room has been stormy too.

Between numerous meals and piles of laundry, piecing of the Amish Quilt goes on.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your fabric family portrait is a wonderful idea, and you did a great job!

  2. How fun to have your whole family together!! I love children's art, and you have a fun way to preserve it!

  3. I love your sweet and colorful collage. How nice to have the family all back together! Can't wait to see your Amish quilt!

  4. happy for you and your DD that your family is all together.
    Its hard when they are away at college.
    Oh I love her drawing , great that you made it into a collage
    I have one my DD did of her favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz when she was maybe 5, they are stick figures, wonder if I could do the same thing. Wonderful memory you preserved.

  5. That family portrait is so cute! Yes you are really skinny! Isn't it amazing, the kids' perspective?

  6. love that family portrait - so sweet and so fun. even better to have some of the actual shirt in there. love it. ooh, your Lib Amish is looking great!

  7. I think the collage was wonderful and hey, how neat that when she grows up, it is a piece of history. Loved the photo of your handsome son in beautiful Washington State.

  8. What an adorable family potrait... just dripping with sweetness :)
    So lovely that it is framed and will be cherished for ever!


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