Friday, July 9, 2010

Flowers from the garden

 Pieces of the past and future applique work. 

The above two are designed originally by Jeanna Kimball and the bottom two are by me. 
It is so warm these days, all I can think is applique.

The boys are leaving in couple of days..Once again the house will be empty.  These past few weeks my days have been full of laughter and craziness. After well anticipated summer fun of board games and video games, road trips to visit aunts and cousins, watching  hours of soccer world cup and making sure all that was on the list of home cooked food was checked, it is time to say good byes.

I will miss them.
But, I am already thinking of all the projects that were put aside and the new ones that popped up in my head during their time here! 
The new norm of getting used to the heart felt welcomes and goodbyes is not so bad after all!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your applique is gorgeous, I love the two by you and think you have such a talent!

  2. Love your applique, and I love your perspective on an empty nest!

  3. Your applique blocks are beautiful! I love the way you placed your bird to take advantage of the fabric's shading. :)
    The blocks designed by you are especially nice. You have a wonderful talent.
    All of the excitement of having the "kids" home is wonderful..but it's always nice to slip back into your usual routine too. ;)

  4. oh I just love your blocks, great designs and great use of the plaid fabrics, really adds to the blocks.
    are you working on designing a full size applique quilt?
    I love when the backgrounds are assorted.
    Its going to be interesting around here when the youngest leaves for college next month...
    no more moms taxi and school pick up and drop off anymore!!!!
    ah yes I have a list of quilts I want to make!

  5. The applique blocks are gorgeous! I love the blocks you've designed and the play of checks and strips within them... you have an amazing talent and a great eye for colors.
    Beautiful picture of your family :)

  6. Four lovely blocks and beautiful smiling faces!

  7. What beautiful children you have! They all look so happy to be home with you.

    I do love your applique too!


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