Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 15 minutes' play

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Yesterday was the first whole day after the boys left. I was a little sad and needed to keep myself occupied.

 I must have spent at least half of my day in my sewing room. I decided to continue working on my Impressions of Amish quilts and made another one in the series.
Here is the sneak peek.

My daughter reminded me that I need to work on her quilt. 

I said, " Yes honey, as soon as I clean up the mess from my table." 

 I made the quilt top while "cleaning" the sewing room!

 This is the quilt she has ben waiting to see on her bed.

Don't you think this one here at the bottom is a nice one?

That's definitely not me in the picture!
 And it is not a quilt.. 
Fooled you!

It is some commercial on TV for a home improvement store. 

This is how I get my inspirations! 
Snap snap snap.. you never know where it will come from..

Remember my Amish quilt? It made it on the flickr front page!!!
Who knew?
Just keep taking those pictures and have fun with it!


  1. Thanks for the advice and inspiration! Lovely quilt on your design wall (?). Looks kind of like one I'm working on called Pies and Tarts.

  2. front page!! woo hoo! Love that flower at the top. cute.

  3. Fun posts--Both here and on 15 minutes! I love the scrappy flower. Are you using the Dresden Plate ruler? I purchased one recently, and am beginning to try it out.

  4. I used the Dresden plate ruler for the Ferris Wheels quilt. These scraps were the leftover trimmings of the wedges. It is definitely a fun tool!
    The trimmings are all various size, shape and angles. Have fun with your ruler!

  5. Wow!! The quilt for your daughter is a stunner!!!

  6. Sujata, your post on 15min. blog is very cute and so are the little blocks. I couldn't help myself but giggle reading through it. Have fun!
    Your daughter's quilt is breathtaking! I love the size of the blocks...great way to show off those beautiful fabrics. The grey tones with the rest of the colors are looking beautiful in the Amish quilts :)

  7. Hi Sujata, I enjoyed your post and love your quilts. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It is lovely to meet new quilting friends.
    Best regards, Kate

  8. the circles are lovely! and I think that firework style scrappy block would be a fantastic quilt...have fun playing!

  9. super duper! and you are where I get some of my inspirations

  10. That quilt for your daughter is absolutely fantastic!


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