Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspirations from "Free People"

How many of you don't like going to the malls?
I am one of those who would rather be at home or in the garden, sewing up a storm in my studio or in the kitchen cooking warm meals.
Whenever I can, I stay miles and miles away from malls.
Just not my thing!
But, homecoming is in few weeks and I had to go dress shopping with my daughter this past weekend.
We did not find pretty dresses but look what we stumbled upon!

I could sit on this chair for hours!

Curtains on the dressing room!


 If you are near any  'Free People' store, make sure you stop by and see their store display. They change their displays four times a year. This will be taken down around end of October.
This one is located in King of Prussia, PA

All of the above merchandise are from India made from old and used Saree fabrics.
There were mix of silks and fine cottons.
Every single piece is heavily hand quilted. The colors and textures are quite inspiring. 

I like free form patchwork made with used clothing.

I like to hand quilt my quilts quite densely and with contrasting thread.

 I know why!

That is what I grew up with. 

Remember this?

A utilitarian quilt air drying on a railing.

  The 'Kite Festival Quilt' from early this year.

 I am ready for some serious hand-quilting!


  1. Lots of great inspiration here! Thanks!

  2. me too! hand quilting in the fall and winter I look forward to each year. Love the look of all those stitches! oh what a fun chair!
    sorry you didn't find a dress..ah yes I hate shopping too!

  3. beautiful! That chair looks so comfortable, as compare to the ones that are covered in scratchy rugs that look great but wouldn't feel nice. I love walking through Anthropologie too for inspiration.

  4. Absolutely fabulous store! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What fabulous colours and patterns! We can certainly see the wonderful inspiration of Indian fabrics shining out in your creations - I bet you could make a chair cover still more beautiful that the lovely one you show here...challenge!?

  6. I LOVE that chair! I don't like going to the Mall either..but if I could visit a store like that I might change my mind? I loved the curtains in the dressing room too. So much beautiful texture!
    I'm looking forward to doing some quilting too. Once it's just a bit cooler... :)

  7. Wow! Sure glad you took your camera shopping. Thank you..

  8. I want that chair! It is soooo very cool. Thanks for sharing. Wish there was a shop like that in my area.

  9. YES!!! Despite my similar dislike of shopping and malls, I love going here. It was a couple of years ago that I first saw these textiles, and it was a revelation. I stood, stared and drooled for so long, my family had to drag me away! These are what got me really looking into the textiles of other cultures, which sent me, (and continue to do so) in wonderful new directions. Totally inspiring! (And lucky you with a camera! I always forget mine at home!)

  10. I can't stand mall shopping, but it looks like you were able to turn the trip into something positively fun!
    We just stayed at a hotel right next to the mall in King of Prussia.

    1. Lori,
      I just revisited this post for another reason. Next time if and when you do come near King or Prussia, please do visit me! I would love to have you over.. I can even have certain someone from CT join us!

  11. Thanks for sharing such wonderful finds- the rich colors of India are so striking, and these great textures are beautiful.

  12. Thank you for sharing such beautiful textiles! They're just amazing. Wow, such inspiration there. I might even go to the mall to see them! (yes, I hate the mall, never go if I can help it)

  13. I was introduced to you via Victoria's 15 Minutes blog... it took me long enough to actually visit!

    I also LOVE that chair! I'm not aware of any of those stores near us, certainly not in our dinky little mall. But what a wonderful idea to make a similar chair cover!

  14. What are these types of quilts called with that type of close running stitch?


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