Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all are near your friends and family this holiday season.
I wasn't going to post this week but I could not resist when I saw Mary's post this morning. I have been looking to accessorize my unusually bold styled coat (for me) for a long time and I think I may have found a perfect thing!
Go check out her blog. You are going to love how clever she is and how beautiful her work is..
I am wondering if I need to buy a new coat or feel lucky that in future it will be used to make my home even more stylish like Mary's. LOL..

It has been a busy yet very relaxing and happy past few days. My long lost best friend from 1988 is back in my life. She visited for few days and we shared so much lughter over cups of tea.. Lots and lots of cups of tea! It is amazing that true friendships remain the same even after so many years and you can pick up where it was left off last time. We had not communicated in at least 17 years! It was a blast from the past for sure!

I am just thankful that I have people all around the world that are so near and dear to me!

 Before she arrived, I finished this little wall hanging and practiced my machine quilting.

I love finishing a quilt with bias binding for the curvy edges. The curved piecing becomes even edgier... 

Here are some pebbles!  I had to sneak them in!

Working on that scrap quilt.. Remember  this? I decided to hand quilt with Perle Cotton.. I have always loved heavy hand quilting. This one was particularly inspired by this.

It is a nice little project to finish before the year ends. There is a spot in the house that needs a little sprucing up and this quilt is just the right size for that.

I also did lot of machine quilting last week.
This is the back of my 'Amish Impressions Zigzag' quilt.

And here is the front!

Also build more houses..

Hope your home is filled with love and laughter this week.
Have a wonderful day giving thanks to your family and friends!


  1. Sujata,
    Your work is beautiful and vibrant. I love you little houses, especially.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving.
    Dana Fisher
    The Quilted Librarian

  2. I like your coat, anything black and white is a favorite with me. Your quilts are gorgeous...I need to do some hand quiting......only the big stitch!

  3. You are beautiful in your coat! What a lovely time, reconnecting with your old friend. Lots of inspiring quilting here! Your zig-zag one looks great on the wall. A very happy holiday to you and yours too.

  4. Some lovely finishes this week! Love those little houses!!
    seeing your pals today... :-) happy thanksgiving!!

  5. LOVE everything!! I'm so glad I get to know you in blogland, and that I get to enjoy your beautiful work. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. YOur quilts are as classy as you in a very fun way!!!! YOu have such a gift!!!I love visiting you and how fun to reunite with an old friend. Love to you at this wonderful time of year, Em

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! You are doing some wonderful work. I love the one with the big hand stitches. Have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Ooooh my! You KNOW that I LOVE your coat. And what a beautiful couple you make. Thank you for your sweet & kind words, my friend. And the Ziz-Zag quilt and the small wall hanging are fabulous. I do love the big hand stitches too. Ooooh what not to love.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Beautiful quilts! Happy Thanksgiving, Sujata!

  10. Cute picture, Sujata :)
    All your quilts are delightful! Your work is so spontaneous and creative. It is a joy to see the cheerful happy colors. How wonderful that you got to enjoy few days with your dear friend!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. How great to see the lovely you. The weather is keeping Nifty and family from being here with us tomorrow, but we're thankful just the same...keep on showing us your beautiful work Sujata.

  12. Sujata, I just love all of your quilts!! And I'm not just saying that to be nice, I really, really love them!! You really have a way with fabric. Thanks for sharing the photo of you in your beautiful coat. There's nothing better than a true friend, it's so nice that you caught up with each other after so many years. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  13. oh I am not surprised at your coat!
    Happy Thanksgiving ! OH I loved seeing your quilts again and the quilting, I too want to try stitching like that with pearle cotton, love the look.
    oh what fun it was to see all her pillows it looks like she has one like I sent you a picture of yesterday.
    HOpe your enjoying your friends visit.
    oh the quilting on the zig zag is amazing....

  14. I love the coat , I'm all for black and white. I really love your weall hanging, it's fantastic and I adore the big stitching with perle. Everything you've shown looks amazing.
    I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving.

  15. Love the happiness and spunk that the wall hanging have. It will give great life wherever it hangs, just wonderful!
    Looking forward to the basket group getting going :)

  16. Great houndstooth coat, and you look lovely in it!

    All your new work is wonderful... especially adore your that top one!!

  17. Oh, those little houses of yours are so inspiring! I think I know what I'm going to be playing with in my next 15 minutes!

  18. I love the look of the Zigzag quilt. There's something really special about it. I think it's the way that zigzags are inherently straight and pointy, yet you've added curves that make it seem more like waves, while maintaining the feel of the zigzag. Very nice.

  19. you're beautiful and you look so happy in that snazzy coat. woohoo on all your projects - the quilting all looks great.

  20. So much goodness going on at your house! We have much to be thankful for.


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