Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Few Words of Appreciation

Few weeks back Rachael over at Blue Mountain Daisy tagged me with the Cherry on top award.
and I said, " Me? Really? " I can not even figure out how to put that award here on my post! I hope I am not misguiding people because I have had plenty difficulty trying to figure this blogging thing out!
It takes me forever to post. I am always worried about the right things to say!

And just yesterday, Mary at Fiberliscious tagged me with an award.. Thank you Mary for your kindness too.

I am so honored that you think my blog is worthy of these awards.
As part of the Cherry on the top award, I am supposed to show three things I like and name three other blogs that have inspired me.

The three things I love at any given day are,
Watching sunrise and sunsets,  long and peaceful walks and gardening.

 Sunrise at Haleakala

View of the sunset from our home.
I like Sunrise because it starts my day with possibilities
and the night fall after sunset gives me the quiet time to ponder upon the day that has just passed.

Going on long walks and listening to bird-songs bring a sense of oneness with nature. I also get inspired by the surroundings while I am walking. It gives me opportunity to look and observe without the noises and disturbance of other daily activities.

It is a difficult task to name only three blogs that inspire me..
 I know that most of my readers also read some of my favorite blogs.. 
I am going to try to name some blogs that have inspired me every time I visit and some I have discovered  quite recently.

Deb Rowden's Quilt blog
She captures the true essence of quilting. Scraps and thread tails turn into a stunning work of art.
No piece is too small. Her quilts are original and amazing.

LeeAnn's blog
LeeAnn has been blogging for only little over six month's period and quilting for about six years. I love her wild sense of color and playfulness that transforms her quilts from a simple idea to a unique master piece.

Em's blog is an inspiration on regular bases. Her blog has a positive and happy energy that is unmatched. 
Her kind and good nature always shines through her words and quilts. 

Please check out these blogs and I have a feeling you will not be disappointed.

I am asked to award the blogs which have under 300 hundred followers. Unfortunately, that leaves out many other blogs that I read on weekly bases.
And now here are the names for the tag by Mary

Attic 24 is my very favorite recently discovered blog! If you like colors and textures, there is a constant supply of inspiration on her blog.

Barb  has inspired me with her quilts for quite some time. But just recently she did a post on her 'Mother's Garden' quilt which has left me thinking, planning and plotting for my next quilt. I love the stories behind all her quilts.

Story Cloth is another blog I discovered in past few weeks. I am really loving the slow process of stitching and creating that she represents on her blog. Take time and go through her pages. Lovely little stories are stitched with cloth and threads.

 I would love for you to visit Joe's blog. He is as good with his words as he is with his art.

Don't forget to check out this blog by jmbmommy. For all of you who are fans of Tonya's Word-Play, this is going to be a treat! Make sure you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page.

There are so many blogging friends that inspire me with their individuality. Thanks, Rachael and Mary for giving me this opportunity to sit back and think about what inspires me.

  Last but not least.. Buffy.. I can not tell you how much I appreciate her and get inspired by her.
If it wasn't for her, I would not have been in the blogland.

Ooops.. they have started the music.. got to wrap it up!
Have a great day!


  1. Sujata, "TOO" much love on this "TOO"sday! Thank you for the award, it is the friendships in blogland that are my award! Love to you on this beautiful day, Em

  2. My goodness! Thank you!! I get so much inspiration from YOU, Sujata. This is really an honor and a lovely surprise. You've made my week!

  3. great list of blogs, so many of them any fabulously creative people!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Sujata... love the view you have from your home. Your applique designs are gorgeous! A sweet post on your friends and fabulous blogs :)

  5. You so deserve all these awards!! I'm looking forward to having a look at all those blogs you've named, they all sound wonderful.

  6. I know and love all the blogs you mentioned. The blocks were such a treat to see, love the plaid green.

  7. your blocks are stunning! I love birds and bird watching - that blocks if my favorite. Lovely work.

  8. just love your applique blocks...
    so much inspiration out in blogland thanks for sharing these blogs with us I am always interested in finding new blogs
    hope the snow this week kept you inside sewing away?


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