Monday, February 28, 2011

February Finish!

'Confetti' finished!
Quilted and bound!
Thanks for all your feedback! 
Each and every comment has helped me to come to my final decision. I tried every aspect of design that would apply. 
But in the end, I just had to keep it simple and let the quilt do the talking.
The little pieces of confetti were larger than life and were speaking loud and clear..
They wanted to be left alone!
I quilted it in a simple wavy lines. 
I decided to put another scrappy binding.. I just can not get away from those. I think it gives nice balance to the long strips in the quilt.

 I also finished a quilt from 2003!

A quilt/top I had made inspired by one of the quilts of Gee's Bend.
After all these years, it made it to the finish line!
I got myself a two sided quilt!

Do you ever use your unfinished old quilt tops as backs for your new quilts? 
I like having two sided quilts. 
This quilt in particular has been a wonderful month long journey. 
  No matter which corner of the house it sits, it screams, "Look at me Now!"
 I can't stop taking pictures!
Don't be surprised if I keep posting new pictures of this quilt every now and then..
I love it so much!
 Some day in my spare time I will count how many pieces are actually sewn together to make this twin size quilt! Wouldn't it be fun to know?

Want to know more about this photograph? Tune in tomorrow to participate in a give away.


  1. FABULOUS Quilt! Front and back. I would take millions of pictures of it too.

  2. I'm glad you listened to the quilt. I'd be happy to look at it again and again.

  3. Wonderful!!! I love your two-in-one finish! Congratulations times two!

  4. Yippee Ya Kie Yae. It is absolutely wonderful Sujata. Love the surprise back. You are on a roll, girl. I am ever-so impressed!

  5. Confetti is the perfect name for it too! I hope it sneaks into several photographs in the future. We don't want to just see it once.

  6. It is awesome! Please please do show us more pictures of it!

  7. Absolutely glorious! I just love it!!!

  8. Wonderful - absolutely wonderful! I like the two-sided aspect and will give it a good think.

  9. A fantastic quilt with a big personality - congratulations!
    The back is a great choice, too. I like your way of incorporating an older quilt top!
    Please keep showing as many pictures as you like....
    ; )

  10. I have put old family tops back to back into a quilt. I did it as a hurry up and get it into a quilt, but in retrospect it kept tops of the same time period together in one quilt.

  11. These quilts are so wonderful! So bright and alive!

  12. It turned out wonderful! Using an older top was a great idea, I must keep that in mind. Congratulations on a great finish, feels good doesn't it?

  13. Turned out great. And what a clever idea to finish two tops together..

  14. love love love that confetti quilt ~ it's fab!

  15. ...amazing as just love to surprise us I think...!!

  16. Congrats!!!!! the quilt is so wonderful and fantastic and amazing. woohoo! I used a quilt top for the back of one of mine, but that was more because it was the right size and I just didn't care for it enough for it to be the top.

  17. hoooray! it looks great!
    I'm so impressed with the houseplants too!
    I'm an indoor brown thumb, which is funny, because it's green outside -
    Love the quilt - so fun and innovative!! congrats on a wonderful finish!

  18. Absolutely fantastic! Congrats and nice work. I love your decision to let the quilt do the talking. The center of the quilt pulls my eye in. It looks like the pieces are a little more condensed there. Wow. I love it. Beautiful.

  19. You did such a fantastic job with our disparate dances!!!

  20. Wow (in awe). And two quilts in one to boot!
    What a good job!

  21. Awesome, fabulous, great.

    I might break down and make one now. thanks.

  22. In the end the stripes were left out altogether. Guess you now have the start for a new scrappy quilt. It really looks fantastic so I am glad you finally made your decision.

  23. Wow!! What a stunning quilt!! You'll see different things every time you look at it. And the back is wonderful too. I've made a few 2 sided quilts. I figure I only have limited room to store my quilts so by having 2 in one saves space.


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