Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winter Warmth

When you make friends through blogland, the joy of it arrives in many ways. Sometimes in the form of comments on your posts, a nice mail, a promise to meet in person someday.
You start participating in bees and make more friends. The friendship also arrives in little envelops in the form of bee blocks and occasionally a whole quilt!
The blogging community is full of surprises. I have come to know some really kind and caring quilters doing most amazing things for others.

I have received a few of these messages of friendship lately and it has really moved me.

This quilt arrived a week ago! 

Em who celebrates life in every possible way sent me this beautiful quilt.  
The bright flowers and the birds that always represent peace, came in time to create a happy spot in my day!
Thank you Em! I will cherish your quilt and your friendship forever!

It is makes me smile every time I walk by.


Few more blocks arrived from the 15 minutes bee group. I love how this is growing! 
Thanks Shelly, Helen and LeeAnn!

LeeAnn also sent me the most beautiful scraps in the whole wide world! 
I will have to do a different post for that!

And last but by any means not least, Mary sent me her block for the little quilt exchange we decided to do few months ago! I am not kidding, this lady is amazing! have you checked out her quilts?
When I first saw her quilts on flickr, my jaw just dropped! I had to close my mouth with my hands.. NO Kidding! She is a gifted and talented quilter who designs and makes most amazing quilts. 
Few months ago I invited her to take part in a little quilt exchange.

We decided to start with a tree block and send each other our blocks to finish the quilt.
Just look at this artwork and read about her story behind the block on her blog.. I am almost afraid to ruin it by touching the block!

I have to be honest and admit that I took forever to make my block.I was not in the 'right place' to create that block until last weekend. Mary's block arrived on Friday along with the bee blocks. I had asked her to keep it in the sealed envelop so I would finish mine before I would open hers.

Isn't it gorgeous?

It has been rather gray and dreary winter as you all know! I miss the greens..I decided to make a tree block with green and brown strings.. 

I had been dreaming of  Seattle where the evergreen trees are always there to brighten up your day. The new growth on the fir and Cedar trees is so fresh in winter and spring that even in the midst of a snow storm the surroundings look magical! 
If I could fly, I would fly over the big cedar tree we used to have in our backyard. 

I imagine this would be the view from up top!

And, it makes me feel happy!

Snow Falling On Cedar!

Doesn't it look dreamy?
I love it!



  1. Sujata, I love Mary's blog and follow it also! You are both very talented and I love your Snow Falling on Cedar! It is so fresh and cool.

  2. Snow Falling on Cedars ~ it is perfect. I love it already. Thank you for all your kind words and references to my blog. I cannot wait to get my hands on this block and hang it on my design wall. Hopefully it will transport me to Seattle for more inspiration for completing your block as a our family tree.

  3. I am really loving the blocks:) Trees are one of my favorite things to look at and these are exceptional!!! Loving, too, your quilt that your friend sent to you- it looks great on the wall in your entryway:)

  4. It is a sweet and beautiful present from your friend! The colors are so rich and warm and the quilting detail is wonderful!
    The tree blocks are awesome.The backdrop of snow fall is lovely!

  5. What a lovely quilt and where you've hung it really sets it off.

    Quilters are the bestest friends ever!

  6. Sujata, I have a tear in my eye as I read your post and see the quilt in your home. It is so inspiring to me to know that it was created in my home and now is in yours like a connecting thread that binds us and is to remind you, "You are loved! and may peace be in your heart and all who enter your home." Love to you friend, Em

  7. What an amazing post. All the colour and energy. How creative you and your friends are.

  8. I love it! I love both of these trees!
    Thank you for sharing your heart, your creativity with us!

  9. So many wonderful things to look at! Thanks for sharing. My machine is calling to me, but I don't have time to answer!

  10. What a special gift from the heart from Em!! It looks perfect in your home. Those tree blocks are wonderful! You've really captured the feeling you described in the one you made.

  11. What a great post...so much inspiration here! That's a beautiful little quilt from Em; looks perfect in your hall.(Incidentally, I haven't been able to access Em's blog lately, is it my computer?) Your cedar and Mary's trees are just beautiful; trees are really difficult to make other than cartoonlike , but yours are both perfect! Incidentally, I'd be so pleased if you would like to cut the turquise patch out of the block I sent you for the 15min quilt...the one with the really obvius black stripe across it..it just jumps out at me now!

  12. I love Snow Falling on Cedars - so simple, so clever and so beautiful :)

  13. Your tree blocks are really taking my breath away! You never cease to amaze me!!

  14. What a beautiful happy quilt from Em. I also like the scrap quilt and the trees are wonderful too. All this creativity makes me want to run to my sewing room. Gotta go!

  15. It's so inspiring to see all of these gorgeous quilts!

  16. I love the tree blocks! They're so creative.

    The quilt Em sent you is wonderful too. Perfect where you have it displayed. :)

  17. I am so inspired by your work ... thanks so much for posting them!

  18. I've just found your blog (via Judy Martin) and loved your Snow Falling on Cedars block for your friend Mary...the colours, the design, the story behind it are all beautiful. I am off to visit Mary's blog and read all about her block now!
    Beautiful, inspirational blog. I look forward to visiting again.


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