Monday, March 7, 2011

Red and White

A little wall hanging I made as a swap with a friend. She embroidered for my quilt and I did a little applique for her quilt back in 1997.
I densely hand quilted this quilt. Still love it just the same as I did when I made it. I guess that's why the Red and White combination is considered to be so timeless. 


 Few years back I had started this quilt based on the pattern by Blackbird designs. Although, I have only made one block I still like it enough that I will finish this quilt with same selection of fabrics.
  This quilt top I made during one of my husband's business trips. 
I had seen the picture of the original quilt in a blue and white combination and wanted to try my own take on it!
The hearts were not part of the original design.
I love this quilt and was planning to hand quilt it someday. 
I still think it deserves the hand stitching of some kind.

There were lot of emotions that had gone into it while I worked on the top.
It was my second or third quilt top and I was so proud that I had figured it all out from the picture!
They are the colors of the traditional bridal-wear in India. 
I wore them when I got married to my husband. 
White stands for purity and red for the good luck!

I love this combination!

Taryn has set up a virtual Red and White Quilts exhibit. 
Although, I don't own an antique quilt, this is my little contribution to the collection. 
Go check it out! 
You will be happy that you did!


  1. pretty quilts. red and white is a gorgeous combo!

  2. oh the quilts are beautiful!
    that applique block is amazing!
    oh yes please finish that but put your own spin on the quilt!
    that would be exciting to see!
    use that as a center for a medallion S style!

  3. Sujata,
    Very nice! I can't wait until we go to the exhibit!

  4. These are beautiful!! I haven't commented in awhile, so I want to also tell you that I love all your recycled fabrics the concept too.... & oh my, the "Confetti" Quilt is amazing. Truly gorgeous...I love it! You are so talented.

  5. Lovely quilts. Their is just something about Red and White.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those are beautiful. I had been thinking about a Red quilt but now I think it needs to be Red & White! Thanks for showing us these!

  7. Oh so lovely and timeless. It is fun to see some of more traditional pieces.

  8. lovely red and whites - the potted flowers are sooo fun!

  9. Hi Sujata, Thanks for adding your lovely quilt! They certainly don't have to be antique. Your red and white applique is going to be stunning.

  10. I love them all...but the flower pot is my favorite! What a GREAT collection of red and white!

  11. Your quilts are wonderful and I wish I had a little red and white collection, I might have to remedy that. I love them all.

  12. Sugata, I have to say the graceful lines of the Red and White flower pot is my favorite, too. But I also love all the color in your other quilts on flickr! Thanks for sharing them! And thank you, Taryn, for the whole idea of an on-line Red and Whtie Gallery! I don't make quilts very often because I am so utterly buried in my passion for the pursuit of quilt history, research and writing. Stop by sometime! Quilt History Reports at or

  13. What a pretty collection. Now you're all ready for the big show in New York!

  14. The red & white quilt block caught my eye. Oh so pretty and it fits right into the theme of red & white that is so popular this year.


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