Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to the sewing room!

It has been six weeks since my shoulder surgery.  About a week into the surgery, I started being restless.
As much as I would like to call myself ambidextrous, pressing and cutting the fabrics is not fun when I use my left hand. So I had to wait and be the good girl, listen to the therapists and follow the plan!

Those of you who have had to stay away from creative process know how difficult this waiting game can be!

Scraps from Zigzag 40" X 45"

Leftover scraps from the quilt, "Gridlock"  40" X 48"

At four weeks' mark, I decided to start sewing. I came up with enough scraps (already cut squares) to make three baby quilts. I am not sure when I will be able to quilt them but whenever they get done, they are going to keep some babies warm .

It feels good that I have used up most of those leftover squares. Now I can make more! Hopefully, of different colors!  Having finished some of the quilts just before the surgery, now I have enough confidence to machine quilt and find them good homes.

As far as the shoulder goes, you can see that it is recovering surprisingly well!
Thank you all for your emails and notes, comments and well wishes on my previous post. It is good to be back. I have missed being here and staying connected!

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