Thursday, November 10, 2011

National Corduroy Day!

It is finally here! 
The excitement has been building on for months! 
I think Nifty did a great job being the ringleader of this celebration. Wouldn't you agree?
I decided to make a small quilt and use up an old unfinished project. 

I am so glad I did!

Now the question is, how is it going to be used?

It is only 12 inches wide
 a mile long!

 You would think as a table runner?

It is true to my style.

It is hand quilted with Perle cotton thread. My favorite! 

It is wonky!

It lays flat but it's 'organic' and 'fluid' just the way I like it!

I had so much fun taking pictures of this quilt.
K suggested I should take on a job of a window displayer ( is that a word?) 

In the hallway, with pillows from India!
K came home from school and asked, "Mom, are we getting a bit carried away? Who in the world lays pillows around in the hallway?"
She is right! I don't have those laying around on the floor.
Just today, for the pictures.

After few tries on where and how to use this long quilt, I found a perfect corner in the house!
Looks pretty artsy to me. It shows of it's curved binding very well.

This quilt got it's own special hanger.
It is made from a copper pipe wrapped with cotton rope. I tied extra rope at the end to make it look like a scroll.
All it look were two tiny holes at each end of the pipe to insert the hanger made of garden wire.
Pretty cool,  right?

And, since I have taken so many pictures, I might as well share them with you!

 I was not sure if there were any rules for this challenge so I took the liberty of using linen and used cotton dress for the zigzag. 

 I like to cut my binding 2 1/4" wide and for curvy edges I prefer bias binding. 
 Love how it snugs the edges. 

 Deb also talked about cutting up some long corduroyee food.. 

That gave me an idea!

If those project runway people can design cloths out of almost anything,  

Why can't I?

So here it is.

A quilt made out of corduroy food!

Few strips of zucchini, carrots and celery on my cutting board,
and it was delicious!

 Are you inspired?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Preview!

National Corduroy Day!

It is just around the corner! 

Deb Rowden and Nifty has got me excited about the National Corduroy Day on 11-11-11.

I finished my challenge quilt and thought you all should have a sneak peek!

Hope you come back for lot more pictures of the quilt and it's inspiration. 

 You might want to visit Nifty's blog to see the list bloggers who are participating in this fun challenge!

  See you on the 11th!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It has been a while since I have worked on a new quilt. With my limited ability to use the rotary cutter and iron, I am doing anything I can to keep my creativity going. In an effort to feel accomplished I pulled out another one of those old projects. The goal is to finish as many of those UFOs as possible. Even if it means that I end up with more quilt tops in future.

Almost a year ago I had started playing with the scraps of my Ferris Wheel quilt. I did not think it was ever going to turn into anything at all but I liked the way it looked after I sewed the background so I wanted more!

I am going to post some versions of this quilt. As the quilt evolved on the design wall, it started changing. I am not sure how it will end up in the end. I am enjoying the process and who knows where it might lead itself.

Wheel surrounded with bold patches of strips. I think they make the wheel stand out on it's own no matter how crazy it gets. Love those bold strips!

The wheel with patches made from smaller bits.
I am looking for a horizontal quilt to hang in my hallway. Trying to find a focal point that is off center and still balance the quilt. Not really difficult thing to do but after a while of staring at this craziness, I feel like I am going blind!

Still growing!

And, evolving! 
I like the little slivers of black along the edges. I am going to leave it alone for few more days on the design wall and see what happens next.

My scrap bin is almost empty which can be a good thing! 

I am ready for some fresh new colors to work with and,
this 4'X6' quilt gives cleaning up the sewing room a new meaning! 
Have a great day!

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