Friday, December 2, 2011

An Indian Crazy Quilt

I don't even know how to begin writing this post.

My friend Terry Kramzar just returned from her trip to India. To welcome her back and hear all about her experiences, our friend Christine invited us 'quiltinies' to her house. I took some hand work with me so I could stitch while I chat with my friends.

Who was I kidding?

Every time we meet, we have show and tell of our current projects and share a new book, magazine or new ideas and sewing related gadgets. Not to mention sharing the stories of our lives.. What good is a circle of friends if you can't share your lives? With a group that is made of the author and teacher Cheryl Lynch, Award winning fiber artist Terry Kramzar (won the first prize at Houston this year) and gem of a soul and talented quilter and teacher, Kelly Meaninx and equally talented friends Christine (Who I think should have a blog) and Jane, we always have plenty to look forward to.

I must have taken as few as10 stitches on my quilt. Rest of the time was spent with my jaws wide open! Terry had so much to share! The goodies she brought back from India and the stories that went with each of them! The food she ate and the places she visited. I am not kidding, I felt as if I went with her on the trip and came back in a day with lots of colorful memories!

After lunch she went to her car and came back with five big heavy rolls in her arms. Each of them were personalized. She had carefully chosen appropriate color of the gift for each of us.


This is what she brought back for me! Isn't it beautiful? It is an Indian crazy quilt made of embroidered patchwork.

India is a very diverse country. The handicraft and clothing is no exception. This one quilt alone is made of many embroidered patchworks from different states and regions. Here are a few of the close up shots I took of this quilt.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and please visit Cheryl and Kelly's blog to see other beautiful pieces on their blogs.

 Most of the embroidery is done by hand. All of these patches are either the remnants of a dress or a sari,
There are even some wool pieces. They are stitched on a light weight canvas and each of the patches are edged with very light weight white rope. This is strictly for decoration. I don't think anyone would like to cuddle up in canvas:)

While I was growing up, I never had any interest in embroidery but I know why I love to hand quilt. There is something about the textures that draws me to it. I was also very much into wearing ethnic clothing. This quilt reminds me of oh so many cloths I used to wear from different regions. If only I had saved them, I would make a crazy quilt and treasure it forever!

Terry, If you are reading this, I have found a perfect spot for this gift. Thank you so much! 
Christine, thank you for opening your home, for that wonderful food and most of all, being the person that you are!
I learn so much from each of my friends every time we meet. I hope you all are also blessed with friends who make your lives better.


  1. You are so eloquent and said it much better than I. I was a good day, with many more to come!

  2. i SO want to go to India! i love this, thanks for sharing!

  3. How utterly lovely. Thank you for the links to these artists.

  4. What an awesome group of friends you are! Your crazy quilt is stunning! What a wonderful gift and treasure this is.

  5. What a beautiful and perfect gift for you! I'm so glad you have a thoughtful, talented group of "quiltinies" there with you.

  6. this is just so beautiful....yes I think she chose the right one for you .
    I loved seeing all of them on Kelly's blog.
    I have been intrigued with adding texture to quilts with pearle cotton and "a bit" of embroidery stitches, this is just so beautiful and would be fun to study

  7. Lucky LUCKY you! :-) your circle of friends...

    ..and your textile gifts...

    x Chris

  8. What a fantastic and beautiful gift. The others are gorgeous too, but I like yours the best

  9. Stunning piece from your friend. She really chose the perfect one for you and it looks great!
    What a special group and how lovely to hear your appreciation of the women in the group -
    Blessed indeed -

  10. What a wonderful group of talent. The crazy quilt is amazing. You must be having the time of your life with such a great group of friends.

  11. Sujata, This is so beautiful! and such a very thoughtful gift. I have a big yellow wall hanging from India made from lots different pieces. I just love every stitch so I know how much you must love yours. Wonderful friends are such a treasure.

  12. I just saw you Christmas Quilt over at Kelly's blog, I love it!!

  13. The best thing Sujata was that you added to the excitement of Terry's trip along with your knowledge.

  14. The textiles in India are so amazing! I brought back some from my visit! So much you can do with chain stitch!

  15. Thanks for letting us peek into your circle of friends. And what a wonderful gift! It is beautiful & beautifully displayed.

  16. It is truly a treasure, Sujata. The details on this quilt are amazing! I am so happy that it found a loving home :-)
    Thank you for sharing!

  17. My sister has spent many years travelling through India and I have some stunning treasures from there. The diversity of textile traditions in India are extraordinary. Sounds like you had great fun with your 'show and tell' buddies.


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