Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mug Rugs

Have you noticed after a long break it takes even longer to get back into sewing?

I am going through a bit of that right now. Having too much fun with friends and family has left me a quiet sewing room.

I keep going in there with hopes of starting a new project but it is still rather messy after my last project. And until I clean all that mess up, nothing is going to happen.. I know it.. That's how I work.
I do need to clean up between couple of projects because the mess is distracting. I go with a project in mind and start seeing million other combination of colors and textures since nothing is put away. My brain starts designing quilts but practically nothing happens. So this week, I am going to spend some time and clean up that mess. Hopefully starting with clean design wall and a floor to walk on will help.

But that doesn't mean I have been sitting around and dreaming away.


I made these mug rugs "Pebbles" for our guild auction. My bee group decided to make a basket full of contemporary quilty stuff. They do look better in person but you just have to take my word for it.

  I thought they were not bright and happy enough, so I made these out of confetti of scraps.

And, I had to test with my camera and see how they looked under the cup of coffee mug.

What do you all think?

These have made me want to start sewing again. I can see more of these popping out of my sewing room in near future!


  1. Oh I love those! Both designs are great!

  2. Starting small is a good plan . . . one thing leads to another (at least at my house) . . .

    I like your mug rugs!

  3. I love the colorful mug rugs. I may have to bid on our basket!!

  4. I like both of your designs! These seem to be a great "warm up" exercise to get back into the groove of sewing.

  5. Cute mug rugs! I would like to try some of these sometime!
    I've been like you too Sujata! I took a little break from vintage spiderweb blocks, but I plan on sewing some more blocks today. Mine is getting closer to the size of yours....but soon, oh wah, I'll have to sew all of them together!! lol

    I've been over here this morning studying how you finished the edge ones, so glad you mentioned adding the 1/4" seam allowance, I probable wouldn't have thought of that!

  6. Namascar, Sujata.
    The confetti m-rugs: Such a happy way to start the day! Could hardly get any cheerier!

    The Fragments series for AAQI: soooo wonderful too.

    A delightful visit from Mungpoo!

  7. Those mug rugs look great! I especially like those last two photos. I actually thought the grey one was a painting and was amazed at how good you must be at photo-realistic interpretation! lol (ooo, wow, that coffee looks so real! Mmmm! How did she do that?!)lol

    I do know what you mean about the entrails of the last big project blocking up your way in there...Just think how great it will feel to get that all that tidied away and to enjoy being in your sewing room again! Sweep, lady, sweep!

  8. Very cute, I love to make the mug rugs.

  9. I really love your names for your mug rugs, Pebbles and Confetti! Both are so wonderful, and look great under a cuppa. I like to think that tidying up the sewing room is still time in the sewing room. A nice chance to fold fabrics, sort them into their right areas, and usually come up with more ideas for more projects :)

  10. oh I think they are adorable especially the red and yellow one! that looks like a lot of fun to make too!
    I amy just have to give it a go, love the straight line quilting too
    you will find your sewing mojo again, clean room , clean floor and the right project and you will be excited to sew again
    sometimes we need to step back just to regroup.
    in mho.

  11. love the bright happy ones, but not sure I could ever use them. they'd look so good on the wall clustered with other small quilts!

  12. Namaste, Nyima

    I am truly delighted with your visit. I am so inspired by your work.
    Trying to send you a note,is there anyway I can send you an email?


  13. I like both sets too! I can see the pebble rugs in a beautify bath setting with candles an the confetti ones are pure sujata joy! love the colors.

  14. I love the quilty contemporary, they look great and what a nice little sewing fix they are.

  15. I would happily drink coffee or tea with you from a cup on either. I think the pebbles look really classy with cup and the pebbles look so joyous I would hold my cup and just smile at it!

  16. Hi, Sujata. Beautiful mug rugs. I especially like the "pebbles" ones--very subtle and cool fabrics. But the confetti ones are so fun! I could have almost crossed your path at MOMA in San Francisco--I was there!
    best, nadia

  17. Your pebbles are adorable, Sujata! And the confetti are a burst of color just like their name! You comeup with brilliant combinations of colors! I am glad you are enjoying little bits of time doing your favorite things :)
    Take care!!

  18. How I wish I could have one of those mug rugs and keep my coffee mug on it in the mornings! What a delight to have something that is an outcome of your own sweat of hard labor. Both are exceptionally good but if I really would have to choose one, I would take the pebbles one.. love the earthy feel of it :)


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