Friday, February 15, 2013

Thoughts at the traffic light.

This morning I went to drop my daughter, Kavita off to school. It was early enough, Sun was just about to rise..
Kavita, loves to talk. We often have our mother-daughter talks in early hours of the morning.
I usually listen and she talks and there are days, I talk and she listens. Perfect way to continue dialogues with your teenage daughter.

She was describing  how beautiful yesterday morning was when she drove herself to school. There was snow on the ground and fog all around.. Sun was just rising on the horizon and it was that color. She pointed to the florescent yellow/orange of the traffic light ahead of us.

I was quiet for two minutes, or it may seemed that long. Next words came out of my mouth were, "I love History".

Clearly, there was no connection between what she had just said and my response!

So I went on elaborating my thoughts.

Traffic Lights... Florescent lights, I wonder who made them.. I am sure we can find out.. It must have been a desperate need back in the days or some accidental discovery by some scientist. Amazing how everything is documented in history of time.. We can look it up and find answers to most everything.

If it wasn't for history and documentation, we wouldn't know anything beyond one or two generations. We clearly don't talk much with each other since our families are scattered all over the world and communications are not like they used to be.

For example, how else would you know what was the reason behind my current quilt if I hadn't talked about it here?

Yes, all those thoughts and more went through my mind in very short time. Now, you may think that either I have a busy mind or I think way too much. Both might be true. I am a thinker. I love the silence around me and the thoughts that arise from that silence.

We continued talking as I drove her to school. Conversations varied from family matters to what's important in life.
I came home and once again I noticed the colors around me. Only this time, The Sun had risen, those fluffy clouds in the sky were peachy, melon colored. The blue of the sky was just like the colors of my recent quilt. And the Sun was as orange as those turbans and pants I saw in Rajasthan. It reminded me of this evening we spent in the desert.

Sunset in the Desert of Rajasthan

After I came home, I looked it up and found this among many other sites about the traffic lights to satisfy my need to know. Who knew?

Thank goodness for History and documentation.

We all are creating history by writing stories of our lives through stitches. I will always remember the events that are being stitched through this quilt. Some happy and some, not so much. And many more to be added by the time it gets it's final stitch.
And I realize, this is why I like blogging too. It is a journal I keep. Quilting has always been more than the patterns, colors or choosing fabrics. It's the stories behind the quilts I love.

Many of you asked the reason behind the Blues of Jodhpur. I couldn't quite answer that myself.  I went on line and found some sites that may help. Here is the link

As far as the progress on theToran quilt goes, I have Jodhpur on my kitchen table!

I arrange few blocks by my side and sew them into strips.

Four blocks sewn together and many strips already sewn waiting on the sideline.

They are as random as people on the streets of Rajasthan or anywhere for that matter!
With life of their own, going in all directions, Crossing each other on their paths, as randomly as my thoughts!

Well, that was a very wordy post!

Thank you for spending your precious time at The Root Connection. I am glad you stopped by!

Thanks for those of you who ask questions. It makes me curious and want to know more.


  1. Hello friend,
    Your post today is perfect - I saw a quote, by Picasso, that I was already going to send to you: "Painting is another way of keeping a diary." And today you said almost that same thing. You carry us away with your beautiful words, and then with your patchwork too. Keep those stories coming - that's why we're here, to share our stories.
    Have a lovely day!

  2. What a wonderful posting. It made me remember reading the dictionary as a kid, and how one thing took you to another, and another; life is just so darned interesting, isn't it. On days when I feel I spend too much time on the computer, I remember that it has brought thoughtful, creative, people like you into my life and I end up marveling at my good fortune for living in such an intriguing time in electronic history so that I may have these experiences. Thank you for taking the time to share your world with us.

  3. Thank you for a lovely, thoughtful start to my day! Beautiful post.

  4. Wonderful post..... my husband says that is the one time he can capture the heart and mind of his children.... in the car!! It IS a good place to have those talks that sometimes are lost because of being too busy.... now we do that with our grand children. The appreciation of your eye to colors and reasons or stories is growing in my desires to mark similar thoughts of past and present some way in art..... thank you so much for your time for us to get to share....this quilt is so much more than just pieces of fabric!! I love it! I am anxious to try a quilt when we finally get moved in our downsized home and get the other house on the market!! I DIDN'T downsize my fabrics though! I look forward to your creativity!

  5. Again.... a WONDERFUL descriptive post ..... and those times in the car are priceless, un-interrupted treasures with our children and grand children! Your quilt has so much meaning, even to me, not just fabrics!!! I love it!! I have to laugh because we are downsizing, but I DID NOT downsize my art supplies or my fabric!!

  6. Sorry I think I posted twice....I thought the first one was lost!!!

    1. Thank you! I posted them all. I appreciate you taking the time and making sure that your thoughts get conveyed. I think I would have terrible time downsizing my art supplies. I know that day is going to come but for now.. Why not make quilts? As many as I can!

  7. I love your posts. You made me laugh with your description of 'talks with your daughter'. I, too, drive my daughter to school and we talk. Periodically, I spin off with a 'I love history' comment and my daughter, with that 'daughter look' asks me WHAT am I talking about...and then I have to explain my thought processes. What I've learned is that this is also teaching her to question, be interested and see 'what's underneath' what we take for granted.

  8. How fascinating to have a glimpse into your thoughts Sujata!!

    I am soooo loving your color choices again!!

  9. Love that! I was curious as to what you were going to do with that gorgeous pic of India's Blue City!

  10. Beautiful words and beautiful thoughts. This post has been a joy to read. You've comments about traffic lights reminded me of a childhood game with my brother that he could name any word and I would link it to traffic lights, it kept us busy on road trips. A story triggering another story.

  11. I always tell my children when they get depressed, take a moment to look at the sky and the world around you. There is always something to be seen that will resonate with you. Your quilt is looking splendid...


  12. This is why you are my friend, you are so thoughtful and very inspiring!

  13. Thank you for reminding me of the days when I either drove my son to or from school. No distractions usually led to meaningful conversations. And I LOVE the colors of your Jodphur quilt. You know my live for blue, but orange is slowly becoming a favorite too. Can't wait to see the quilt finished.

  14. I love having one of my kids in the car at a time. They are captured for a brief moment where you get to have that one on one time. With all of us rushing in and out of each other's lives, those drives become very precious. I think the blue houses were because of the Brahmin casts who were the upper class living in the area at the time. They used the colour blue to signify their cast but now I believe anyone can paint their houses blue and the city became known as the Blue City like Jaipur is the Pink City. I like the way you associate the Toran Quilt with the comings and goings of people.

  15. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! I really made me miss Hanna. She was a non-talker in the morning, but I miss car rides when she'd open up.
    I too love to tell stories through my quilts. I love to hear why someone made a particular quilt. I am still in awe over the blue city. I just find it magical!
    The sun over the dessert photo is mystical and so beautiful.
    Thanks for a wonderful blog today!!

  16. Hi, Sujata. Lovely post, so personal and thoughtful. I very much enjoyed the previous post about Jodhpur, and you're capturing the colors in a wonderful way in your quilt.
    best, nadia

  17. Sujata, I found your site fortuitously but keep returning because of your creativity, the insightful posts you write and you thoughtfulness in explaining some of your process. Thank you so much sharing your artistry. Ann


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