Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Threads and Needles

Few of you asked about the threads and needles I used for stitching my mini quilt in the previous post.

I use heavy weight cotton tatting thread for my long, running stitch in the quilts. Simply known as  DMC Perle cotton #8.

You can find them very easily at your local fabric store. Also, I found this site that carries tons of colors. I bought mine while I was in India but I do have some that I bought from local quilt shops and love using them over and over in my projects.

I also like using John James # 7 embroidery needles with these threads. They have long eye so they are easier to thread. They are quite sharp too.

Back to stitching! Hope you are having a good day.

Monday, March 25, 2013

He said... She said...

"That's my shirt!" My husband said when he looked at this little quilt. He was referring to the stripe fabric in the quilt.

I smiled and responded, "That's just a bit of your shirt. Rest of it is another quilt and yet another quilt."  I was a little surprised that he even remembered the fact that he owned this shirt. It was so old! And, amused at how quickly he reacted when he saw it.

I just picked up sewing after almost three weeks of break from sewing. Bad virus, missed the AQS show, missed seeing my friends and most of all missed sewing all these last few weeks. After three long weeks none of the 'old' ongoing projects seemed appealing. 

Now, I am stitching memories of past few weeks in this tiny piece.

"Don't you think your shirt is in a good place?" I asked.

He agreed with a smile.

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