Sunday, September 15, 2013

Anna Williams at the Brooklyn Museum

''Work by Hand'': Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts

Visiting the museum and see Anna Williams quilt was on my list to do for so long. Finally I got to see it from up close before it ended today. Although I was slightly disappointed that there was only one of her quilts in the exhibit, I was happy to see many other that were equally beautiful and inspiring.

Love the colors!

Nilesh needed a closer look. 
I am sure he wishes I made traditional quilts.

I needed my own closer look. Absolutely amazing! Don't you think?

This one here, I tell you, if I stared at it long enough, it felt like it was radiating like one of those flashy billboards at Times Square!

Lot of these quilts reminded me of my blogging friends from all over.

It was nice to take them along with me. I am sure they will know who they are when they see these pictures. :0

After seeing these quilts I came to my favorite spot in the exhibit and stood their staring for a long time.

Flash photography was obviously not allowed and I struggled with the lighting at first but after few clicks I think I got it right.

Doesn't it look like there is a party going on in this quilt? I spotted bandana, African print, calico, shirtings, civil war prints and some retro modern prints.

Here is the close up of a block. Check out the upper left corner of the block :0

And it is less than 6'' x 6''! Amazing!

Quilts were not the only thing that made me think of my friends. Antique tiles, mosaics and paintings you name it!

Magazine from 1972
I think the craze has turned into passion for many of us. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here talking about this day.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. Yea! I'm so glad you got to see that exhibit, especially the Anna Williams quilt. I saw it in March, and just couldn't get my eyes off of it.

  2. Glad your back blogging. I to had trouble making posts over the summer. Love the photos from the Museum.

  3. whee, what lovely quilts. I'm really looking forward to seeing this exhibit, and especially Anna's quilt, when it comes to D.C.

  4. Amazing quilts, masterpieces. thank you for sharing them with us.
    I am so glad you got to go and see Anna's quilt
    must have been fun to look at all the different blocks/fabrics of hers.

  5. Sujata thank you! I spent a good time to look at your beautiful pictures of antique quilts! Get all my friendship with my little corner of France!

  6. Oh My! what incredible quilts. This is my favorite kind of exhibit - small but spectacular!!!
    did you visit the "dinner party"?
    I love visiting that museum
    thanks for posting these photos - so much inspiration!!

  7. All of the quilts were amazing and I loved those old appliques too. What a fun day!

  8. What a fabulous exhibit. Those quilts are amazing and I loved the glimpse of the tiles :-)

  9. I saw this a while ago, but it was so good to see it again here. Thanks for posting the great photos!

  10. lucky you! thanks for sharing it with us.

  11. Wow! Thank you so much for posting the shots of these quilts. They are all beautiful but the Anna Williams one makes my knees weak and gives me butterflies...

  12. Thanks for the 'tour'...I wish I was back there. I have been making my 'own' Anna Williams quilt with all those little 'cut offs' from quilts. It will be a long journey. I love your comment about your husband wishing for 'traditional' husband is the same way.

  13. Wonderful quilts ! So much inspiration in this antique scrappy quilt, I absolutely love it. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  14. Those quilts look amazing!! Isn't it great to see quilts hanging in a gallery with good lighting and space around them. That Anna Williams quilt is really special, such a scrappyluscious mix of fabrics and beautiful pattern. I really like the thin pieced border.Thanks for sharing these amazing quilts with us.

  15. I was so lucky to see this exhibition in May... Thanks to the internet :-) I think I read at Helen's Blog about I could plan my visit .
    Loved the Brooklyn Museum !

  16. So good to see the Anna Williams quilt! I was just getting ready to do some improvisational quilting and that helped inspire me even more. Love her work!!

  17. What a gorgeous collection! The Anna Williams quilt is absolutely lovely and that last quilt has out of this world energy. Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Thank you for taking us to the museum with you! These photos make me want to get back to the sewing machine.


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