Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So it continues...

Hi everyone! I am still thinking how quickly 2013 went by! Last year, I was in India at this time and that seems like just yesterday!

Kids came home for the holidays and are back to their routine, Between all the kids, we have made numerous trips to airports with missed flights due to weather, airport closures and cancelled flights, all while having the best time with them. We have been busy!

I finished three quilts by the time they were opening presents.

They were so happy they ran outside with joy... NOT!

I made them run outside so I could take these pictures.. It was a cold, windy day!

Don't you think it was all worth the effort though?

I like quilts with feet.


  Oldest son who left early has made a promise that he will send me a picture of him with his quilt hanging on the wall. I am still waiting for that. It may take a couple of reminders but I am sure he will send one soon.

We have had some good family fun playing games, goofing around while cooking and eating their favorite food, watching movies and sharing old memories. 

We also watched the most beautiful Sunrise and Sunsets while they were here.

This day had quickly turned into a very cold day with freezing rain! For the first time in life, I heard the sounds of ice crackling from the swaying tree branches in the blowing winds.. It sounded like mother nature had hung thousands of wind-chimes, just for us! I will never forget that experience.

Sunsets were as mesmerizing as Sunrise.

As you all know, it has been cold lately in the Northeast. In 28 winters of my life in this country, I have never experienced these cold temperatures, ever!

Good thing we have quilts to keep us cozy!

Hope you all have a lovely start to the year.

I hope to continue blogging with new quilts and finish some old projects like these two. This year is going to be a continuum of life itself which I am happy to do with old things in my possession. 

I started a new project few days ago with old denim pants. Already loving it. I will be back with some pictures soon.

I have missed being here with all of you.

Wishing you the best!



  1. Lovely pictures especially of the kids running with quilts like superman lol.

  2. A beautiful, peaceful holiday story. Your kids all look so happy and content. And with your beautiful quilt finishes! What could be better? Looking forward to seeing more of your creations this year!!

  3. Lovely description of family time, nature and quilting. (Three of my favorite things!) Happy New Year to you!

  4. Gorgeous quillts, Sujata! So glad you had a wonderful holiday with family and also a lovely opportunity for a quilt photo shoot! Your quilt pictures are totally fun! Best wishes for a great year ahead!

  5. Your quilts are just beautiful! Loved seeing your family
    running outside with their quilts. What fun!
    Beautiful pictures!

  6. Ok am I the only one to notice they were outside in there bare feet! Great pictures and I know how happy you were to have all your chicks under one roof! Great quilts!

  7. I love your running quilts, they even look as though they are flying! Your sunrises and sunsets are the beautiful gift wrapping of your fun family holiday times. Stay warm and enjoy your sewing.

  8. great kids, great quilts, yay! Happy New Year!

  9. Looks you had wonderful holidays! I like to see your kids running with quilts. Lovely photos!!!
    Happy new Year, Sujata.

  10. Your kids are good sports to run about with their quilts for you. Makes me think of my Mom & her photography, always wanting the perfect shot. So annoying, that is until we looked at the processed photos. And especially so now, now that the photographer is gone.
    Wishing you happy & healthful stitching in 2014!

  11. What a wonderful family time you've all had, the photos are terrific and so are your quilts. Happy new year!!

  12. I've been thinking about you and hoping you are safe during the incredible cold weather on the East coast. Keep making and using your beautiful quilts. You also made some beautiful children! Not sure the boys will like being called beautiful! Beautiful and handsome might be better! Happy New Year!

  13. So beautiful yet so cold! Quilts are just the thing. Love your older photo of the barefooted quilt bearers too.

  14. Best photo--quilts running. Hands down. I remember green grass! Beautiful quilts!

  15. Happy New Year. Wow - three wonderful quilts and I love the photo shoot.
    Glad you had a nice family Christmas with the kids.

  16. Sujata, Happy New Year to you….I love your beautiful quilts with feet…what fun……yours sounds like a perfect family holiday!!!
    May 2014 bring you many more of these precious & happy moments!!!

    1. Sally, Thank you! Happy new year to you too! I hope your holidays were as lovely too. This break was rather memorable with the cold snowy days too. we spent lot of time indoors and it worked out just as well.

  17. Love the quilts with legs - and bare feet! Favorite quilt is the zigzag of beautiful soft prints, so lovely, like your prose - natures wind chimes ... This cold weather is nostalgic for me as I am a Minnesotan! Happy new year, Sujata,

  18. Your children running barefoot on the grass with three of your gorgeous quilts is a beautiful picture - even more than the sunsets! Take care, Byrd

  19. Beautiful photos!!! especially of your kids with and without quilts!

  20. I love the shots of your "footed" quilts. Glad you had a lovely albeit cold holiday. Happy New Year to you and yours. Am looking forward to seeing all the beautiful things you make in 2014!

  21. Hello! Just read through this post again, enjoying your lovely posts and photos - the final shot, of the quilts in the chairs ... Without legs...symbolic of the fact that your kids have gone back to their other homes, at least for now...part of being a mom, isn't it?
    Love your new floral 9-patch!


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