Sunday, February 9, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

About a week and half back I had my quilting friends over for a sew day.

Kelly was working on her applique class sample she will be teaching at out local quilt shop. Terry and Stephanie worked on their applique. Christine got some cutting done for a new quilt and all I did was talk!

I decided to sort my scraps while we chatted away. I had brought couple of my bins at the table to iron and cut as I go. My friend Terry was curious on how I organize my scraps.  The fact of the matter is, I don't always have them in boxes. It all depends on the mood I am in. Sometimes I have only one way to organize them and that is to toss them in bins until I have enough to make a quilt. If I was organized by nature, I could learn a thing or two from many quilters. I have tried that in the past. Look at the side bar.. that handkerchief quilt is still in the making. I did add few blocks to that pile. Mostly, I do like the unpredictable nature of scrap quilts and so I just dive in and see where it takes me.   

After they left, the bins remained on the main floor of the house. I was determined to not take them back in the studio until I did something about that explosion of colors in my dining area.

The following weekend was the Superbowl Sunday. 

I am not a football fan but have always been interested in the commercials. This year the Seahawks were playing! Needless to say, I paid less attention to the commercials (they were not impressive anyway) and watched the game. As unexciting the game was, I did have fun watching it with my husband and over the phone texting with my kids. I should also admit that I am just starting to 'get' the game. 

Next day, almost 10 inches of snow dumped in the tri-state area of PA, NJ and NY which also followed by freezing rain the following day. I felt guilty for even having the power when most of my friends were without heat and electricity. If it wasn't for my dear husband being sick with flu, I would have had everyone for camping at our house. I don't think anyone of my friends would have appreciated being sick in this bad weather.

While this all sounds like The Root Connection Channel news, believe me, I do have a point.

The snow storm brought everything at stand still except for my sewing machine! I have been busy with my scraps like a kid in a candy store!

Here is what I did with what I found in the bins.

A Seahawks victory quilt. Would Domination be right name for this quilt?

Super Bowl 2014
It looked a bit smaller when I thought it was done.

So I added few more pieces.

Once I got going there was no stopping.. Sorting of the scraps was quickly replaced by sorting and making of the quilt at the same time.

Or should I say quilts?

Here is #2 with an Amish theme. Don't know if I should hand quilt or machine quilt.

Can't decide which way it looks good either. I guess I will wait until it's done make that decision.

You can read about the process behind this quilt here.

And to answer Terry's question, Since I don't have any specific method, I keep working on multiple projects at a time. When it comes to dark scraps, I piece them together into strips. Eventually they all will get put together in a lap size quilt. To keep it a true scrap quilt, I resist cutting up new fabrics and keep adding new strips made from scraps to already existing WIP. It's a slow process for some quilts but I am not in any hurry.

This quilt is going to be a copy of my confetti quilt but I chose to put all the dark fabrics together instead of brights.

And lastly, I found some large chunks of large floral prints and some 2 1/2'' squares. I am going to have to look into cutting some yardage to add more to this.

This should be fun.
Few 4 1/2'' x 8 1/2 '' or/and  4 1/2'' x 10 1/2'' strips paired with 2 1/2 '' x 2 1/2'' squares, all randomly sewn into long strips. Long enough to cover a twin bed. What do you think?

Back to the news, last I heard, few of my friends are still without power. There is another ice storm on it's way and it is snowing at this moment as I end this post.

I am leaving you with a teaser.. I almost never do this but for this quilt, I want to wait for a full reveal until it's all finished.

I have got my machine well oiled and bobbins full. After a long break, I feel like I am back in the business of making quilts!

Thank you for being interested in what I do.


  1. lovely! I've got to go play with my solids scraps!

  2. I love playing with scraps. I use hardly any new material, I get most of my fabric from charity shops. Old shirts and dresses and the like. Your quilts are lovely. I think your copy of the confetti quilt is smashing. Great work.

  3. It is my goal to at least attempt a more improvisational style & to work wih my scraps.
    I hope your husband is feeling better. So much of the country has had such a bitter winter -- we've had a couple of ice days down here in the south. You put good use to your 'cloistered' days!

  4. Wow, what a great post! I love all your "playing and sorting" of the scraps. You come up with some great pieces. Now I want to go play in the scraps too! But I have to finish cleaning the quilt studio first - there is no room to work in there at the moment. :(

  5. Always inspiration here at your blog address. ;)

  6. I love all your different projects. It is always a fun surprise to see what you have been doing. Your mini confetti quilts are wild, little masterpieces. Despite the seemingly unplanned structure of them, there is beautiful balance and belonging in every piece of fabric and in every direction they are pointing.

  7. What a wonderful post jam packed with wonderful quilts and colours. Every one is so fabulous and special, I can see you're enjoying playing with your scraps. I hope your husband is well soon.

  8. Wow you are back on your game, see what a little snow and ice will do!
    LOVE them!

  9. Your scraps are a wonderful way to play with color. I always love seeing your unique way of putting colors together. You always surprise and inspire me this way.

  10. Your scraps are fabulous! Love what you're doing with them. You have a wonderfully unique style that is so fun to see.:)

  11. Sujata,
    I love ALL of your quilts! You were having a lot of FUN! Let's hope the power stays on this week, huh?

    1. Thanks, Stephanie!
      I sure hope there is no power loss for anyone but I also know it is a wishful thinking. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. I absolutely love your work!!!! I bet hand quilting might add some nice texture esp if you use an embroidery floss. AND I absolutely adore your confetti quilt... that would be a fun quilt along type activity!!!

  13. Lisa, I am feeling a bit of cabin fever these days. I find working with tiny scraps without having to cut, sew and match anything precisely is relaxing. I will be either using embroidery thread like you suggested or Perle cotton like I have done in the past for hand quilting these mini quilts. Confetti quilt was part of a quilt along I did with 15 minutes blog. it was a joint effort. May be I will post some quilt along suggestion on the other blog and see if anyone is interested. It's a great idea! Thanks!

  14. I'd love to participate in any quilt along you organize! I adore what you've made with all your scraps... Just beautiful! I watch the game every year and every year forget the rules and have to have them re-explained. Am not entirely sure why it is called football as there is little foot action:)

  15. So like all the scrap tops but the last teaser is my favorite. Get going and show us the whole thing!


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