Monday, March 3, 2014

S words

Sewn with small salvaged scraps. 

Squares and rectangles and few long strips.

Confetti, 16 1/2'' x 18 1/2''

Stitched with Perle Cotton thread.

Sewn with salvaged bias strips for binding.

Had some serious fun while shooting pictures.

"Spring is around the corner" they say...

 I don't care what the weather is like today. 

Original pattern by, Jeanna Kimball

I am stitching away...
Keeping my thoughts aligned with my stitches.

As far as I am concerned... 
Spring is here!


  1. Wow I love that first quilt…the colors are magnificent!! Like your spring flowers too!

    1. Thanks, Sally!
      Lots of stitch and color therapy has gone on this winter. Some of it is planned and some with complete randomness :)

  2. fabulous! I like the solid colours and the reclaimed fabric and the simple stitching across it.

  3. I love you complete randomness and you've inspired me to use up even the littlest scraps!

  4. Thanks, Caroline!
    Sometimes I just love the challenge of using up scraps and making something to see what becomes of them. The results are often more surprising and entertaining than well planed quilts.

  5. I needed to see those pretty colors!

  6. Super sweet, Sujata! Love your little quilt and spring flowers :)

  7. You have the MOST REMARKABLE gift of color use! Everyone one of your creations, old and new are beautiful, beautiful combinations of color .... uniquely yours!! Blessings to you and your family and may we have a Spring that is a peaceful one. We need a rest from this winter and strange weather!

  8. Love this! Your phrase "keeping my stitches aligned with my thoughts" is just beautiful. Thank you and take care, Byrd

  9. Wow! great idea. It must be a lot of work but finally you made it. Impressive to see that salvage scraps can be survived in your hand.

  10. I always enjoy seeing your improvisational pieces! It looks great - appliqué is very nice, too!

  11. I see you are keeping yourself happy through the hard winter with these beautiful projects. I love your statement about keeping your "thoughts aligned with your stitches."

  12. You certainly know how to add colour to winter. Your little quilt is really beautiful. Your applique flowers are blooming beautifully!!

  13. what a great little liberated log cabin-ish piece. I love the solids and your stitching is perfection!
    great photos!
    hurry spring! Your applique is lovely and fussy cute flower tops are wonderful!!

  14. Your S quilt is So Spring with those little touches of robin's egg blue!!!

  15. You have been so productive with such fabulous results. I love everything you do. But you know I adore that sweet little piece with all the glorious colors. Makes me smile all over.

  16. Love love love the small quilt, especially the quilting. You've got a great piece there. And the flowers are blooming here in Northern California so I am quite excited to be inspired by the bright colors popping out everywhere. My apple tree has new growth, as do the decorative pears and the olives and the cherry so we're on the way. And to top it all off-the blueberry bushes have FRUITED !~!

  17. Hi, Sujata. Finally found some time to stop by. LUV your quilt--solids are so pleasing to me and what wonderful colors. The quilts in the previous post are gorgeous as well.
    best, nadia


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