Monday, June 23, 2014

Seeing many shades of red

My email account was hacked.

If you receive any email 'from me' asking to open a Google document 'I shared', DELETE AT ONCE!

Thank you Tonya, Kelly, Rachael, Jan and Pam and Palak for contacting me at once. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.



  1. I received it too - deleted, but pleased to come back to your blog and catch up with your book news etc.

  2. How annoying and awful to have your email hacked. I hope there are no further problems for you. Beautiful flower photos.

  3. I was at work using my computer and I saw 'your' email come thru. Thought it seemed a little odd, so glad I didn't open it!

  4. Happy that you were able to nip this before it became a bigger problem!

  5. I have your book on order, can't wait. Being a shop owner, I've ordered from my distributor. They will ship as soon as they are in stock. Congratulations.

  6. Oh that same thing happened to me last year....the google part & strange....anyway glad all is well now....beautiful flowers....?such pretty colors!

    1. Sally, It seems like everyone on my address book got the email. You feel so helpless when it does happen. Glad it's behind now too.


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