Friday, September 26, 2014

Quilt on a Clothesline - Christmas Baskets

During early years of my quilting, my work was always influenced by the seasons and surroundings. After finishing the small basket quilt wall hanging, I decided I liked baskets in quilts. Now I wanted to combine the piecing and applique in a quilt and went on searching for a block that would involve both.

It involved very little applique. This is where I learned it was better to first stitch the inside edge of the handle or any curving edges on stems.  

I thought setting squares will give me room to show off my quilting.. well, as you can see, that has not happened yet.

I goofed with the measurements for the setting triangles and corners. I still had the background fabric to cut the right size but went on to fixing my error by adding the design element rather than wasting those triangles.

Don't you love when the back side of a quilt top looks like a mosaic window?

Initially I debated over adding more applique or something to the borders. But I have grown to love the simplicity of this quilt top. I have all the intentions of finishing this top into a quilt even though the fabrics are not of my current taste. I used them because I liked them once. It has my voice to it.

Happy Friday you all!



  1. I love basket quilts too! love this quilt, it may be simple but stunning in mho. I agree all quilts have a story….. It should also remind you of the Red and White quilt exhibit in NYC as well!

  2. I have one made in pink! Now you need to get that quilted!

  3. Love this traditional basket quilt! How lovely
    Time to get that machine quilting going. It will nice to cuddle up with this in the Winter with a cup of tea and a Christmas movie

  4. This is genius how you solved the (non-!) problem with the setting triangles and corners!
    I love those tiny white points in the red border!
    Best wishes!

    1. Helen,
      At the time it was a big problem for sure! Trying to figure out the measurements and get such a large quilt was a challenge. I love how you look at it as a non problem I am glad I kept the way it is.. It makes this border so unique. Thank you!

  5. There is just something about basket quilts that speak to me regardless of how traditional they may be. Super lovely quilt!

  6. Beautiful basket quilt. I love the way you have them on the clothesline, I am sometimes stuck for space to photograph quilts and may try this one day.

  7. I love your history of making basket quilts. This beautiful quilt certainly has a lovely voice to it!. The way you've set the blocks into the border is so clever. Have you decided if you will hand quilt or machine quilt it?

  8. Yes, it does have your voice! I love the calm simplicity with a bit of spice. You've come up with a new design for the borders. Brilliant! True "mistakes" make the best solutions sometimes.

  9. Really like hat phrase "has my voice " -- time passes, we evolve,and our quilts are the visual record ....

  10. I like the way you solved your corners. Takes it out of the "ordinary."

  11. Beautiful red baskets, Sujata! clever idea for the border, it came together so well. Thanks for sharing another lovely quilt from your early years of quilting :)


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