Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Back in time!

In 1992, I started making soft sculptured dolls. This is a picture of a photograph. Someone was not happy being at the zoo that day!


1998, I used the leftover fabrics from my doll making business to make the first quilt top.
I blogged about it here.


Kavita is home for the break. I am eagerly waiting for the boys to arrive.

Have a wonderful Day!


  1. Such beautiful photos of you with your children.

  2. How wonderful that your family are arriving. Love the flash back.

  3. Oh my gosh! Seems like yesterday that Kavita would crawl in my lap to read! How can time flee so quickly!

  4. Sujata I love your book and your story. These quilts are destined for quilt museums as a true fusion. I know I will make some new quilts!

  5. love these photos of you and the kids!


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