Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 5 Cultural Fusion Quilts Blog Tour

I am honored!

Although this is not the first time I have spoke of Barbara Brackman on my blog, it is my honor and pleasure to share her blog post today. She has been my mentor, my inspiration, and a friend from long distance, like she describes on her blog, 'penpals' for few years.

When I made first three or four quilts, I kept staring at them wondering if I had something to offer to the quilt-world. I decided to send her and Deb Rowden the pictures and ask, ''Do you think I should write a book?" And they both responded the very same day, "YES!" I truly believe that I would not have taken on such a huge step as to write a book if it wasn't for her and Deb Rowden's encouragement.

Deb Rowden, who is also the editor of this book has helped me through the entire process. At times by going beyond her editorial duties. Through this book, I have gained friendship of these two amazing women I have yet to meet in person.  
Barbara brackman has posted a never before seen picture of my quilts. I still remember the feeling when I took that shot. Go see it!

I also hope you visited Rachael at Blue Mountain Daisy yesterday. Isn't she inspiring? I admire her sense of colors, quilts, photography and creativity with her story telling.

Speaking of Inspirations, today's tour is hosted by Lori Dejarnett of Humble Quilts. Lori is an inspiration to me. I love the name of her blog and the beautiful quilts she makes. Her traditional quilts make me want to use my reproduction stash and her appliqued quilts always make me want to pick up an applique project. I am a huge fan.

I just read her post and thought I would share the pictures of my Toran quilt before it was finished.

I love the movement free-form blocks can create. In line with the name of Lori's blog, I had used the most humble fabrics for this quilt. Ones that I would have probably discarded if I was into making quilts only using fresh from the stash and color coding it all. The background fabrics are also those you would not normally use with brights. I was thrilled with the result. This was the result of experimenting with colors, using contrast and still not thinking too much. Those dull, army green and brown fabrics make all the bright strips literally jump out of the quilt!

The blocks are so easy and fast, you want to make more than one! I can't wait to make of the traditional quilts with my technique.

Check out Lori's blog for another look at my quilt, the root connection and how she found connection withe my inspiration. Oh and while you are there, leave a comment to win a copy of the book.

Tuesday December 2 Sujata Shah @ C&T Publishing  Open thru12/12

Wednesday December 3 LeeAnn Decker @ Nifty Quilts  Open thru 12/6

Thursday December 4 Victoria Gertenbach @ The Silly Boodilly Still Open

Friday December 5 Rachaeldaisy @ Blue Mountain Daisy Still Open

Saturday December 6 Lori Dejarnett @ Humble Quilts Today
Sunday December 7 Casey York @ The Studiolo

Monday December 8 Malka Dubrawsky @ A Stitch in Dye

Tuesday December 9 Sherri Lynn Wood @ daintytime

Wednesday December10 Bonnie Hunter @ Quiltville's Quips and Snips

Thursday December 11 Jake Finch @ Generation Q

Friday December 12 Jan Burgwinkle @ Be*mused

Saturday December 13 Janet Treen @ Quiltsalott

Sunday December 14 Lindsay Conner @ Lindsay Sews


  1. Another beautiful quilt, love it.

  2. Ms. Brackman once baby-sat my husband.

  3. How exciting for you to be featured on Barbara's blog!

    This blog tour has been so exciting and inspirational. I ordered a copy of your book and it is on its way! I can wait to peruse the pages and be inspired! If I win a copy it will be a wonderful present for a dear friend who quilts!

  4. It's so true that using the dull colors can make the other colors 'pop'! Very fun to play with these colors, but for myself I need to be buying some brighter colors to add to my stash.:) Love seeing all your beautiful quilts in the book tour.

  5. I love your Toran quilt! It's so wonderful that Barbara and Deb encouraged you to write this book. Off to check out Barbara's blog and Lori's blog now. It's a Cultural Fusion Quilts party!!

  6. I think your book is the middle of a long quilting journey for you, it seemed natural that you had to do a book. The photo on Barbara's blog is fantastic. What I love about your posts is when you talk about how you choose your fabrics and colours. You have a unique style.

  7. I added the green to my quilt to remind me of all the farmland and patchwork of produce growing in Guatemala. Such a great quilt Sujata!


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