Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day12 Cultural fusion Quilts Blog Tour

The Day12!
For my readers in Australia and other countries half way around the world, this day already begun a while ago. I am late!!!

I have been a huge fan of Janet Treen since the day I discovered her blog. Her quilts are absolutely amazing. She is a dear friend, an award winning designer and quilter and a great teacher on the blog. I have learned so many tricks by reading her blog.

One of the reasons for adding gentle curves to the cutting is to mimic applique patterns. The reverse applique coverlet I posted yesterday is a perfect example of tribal work done without templates and patterns can have variation in the final result. I think the technique in the book will free you up on so many things.

Be curious
Be bold
Be spontaneous
Be creative
Be intuitive.

When you choose design, patterns, fabrics and colors, try something new just for experimenting. Often times we are so stuck in our ways, we limit ourselves of possibilities. Cultural Fusion Quilts is filled with images of possibilities..I hope you explore more as you work on your own quilts and put your own twists and turns to the quilts.

Daffodil Dreams

This is my definition of balance in design, color, positive and negative space and composition. People ask me if my graphic design study comes in handy when I work with my fabrics and colors. I do have a lot to discuss about that but not today.

First you must have my book. Run over to Quiltsalott and read her post. Enter a comment to win a chance to win my book. If you are a U.S. resident, you will receive a hard copy and if you are an international visitor, you will receive an e-book.

If you missed any of the previous bloggers listed below, visit them too. There are accepting comments but more importantly, you will love their blogs.

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  1. Sujata, What a pleasure it is to stop here & see all of your beautiful quilts, photos of India, & other inspirations & colorful patterns. Your blog is just a joy!

  2. Your Daffodil Dreams quilt glows with sunshine and light!! It's beautiful!! Janet's post is great to read. Hasn't it been wonderful how everyone's reveiws add a diiferent view of your book.

  3. You give us endless inspiration, you and the whole movement of liberated quilters! Daffodil Dreams is again a nice lesson of value, color, construction...
    Thank you so much!

  4. You're definitely on a roll with these quilts. I really love your version which reminds me of corn stalks. Thank you for the inspiration.


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