Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hello from India

I did not think it will take me this log to write my first post while in India. I have had the best time so far. My family has returned back home. Most of them are still in transit, considering the news of snow storms and airport closures, I hoping for their safe and hassle-free return to their final destination.

In past couple of weeks I visited many sari shops, markets and taken few pictures of life on the street side. I have been updating my instagram at SujataShah7 with daily pictures textilediary. It's been fun looking for daily inspirations.
Here are few pictures I am sharing for the first time.

This was the first thing I saw at Mumbai International Airport while walking to the baggage claim.

I looked closely and this is what I saw.

If you ever come to Mumbai, the new airport is absolutely beautiful. It is leaded with all kinds of regional art representing modern and ancient culture of India.

I took this picture last night when I dropped Kavita off to the airport. I am looking forward to my return trip just to see the rest of the airport.
Here are some pictures of my last few days on the streets on Mumbai.

It's loud and dusty, chaotic but colorful. My kids had a fabulous time. It seems like every visit they learn new things about themselves, make connections with their heritage and culture. It was fun and emotional to watch them enjoy their visit. All three of them returned home with hopes to come back soon. I am enjoying my time with mom. From tomorrow on, I plan to reconnect with old friends from grade school and college. Meet some quilters in Mumbai and learn a few things from them.

Hope you are busy creating during this winter. Me on the other hand, just collecting inspirations.. It is very easy to do!

If you haven't had chance to visit the Cultural Fusion Quilts blog, I urge you to check it out. It has become quite an eye candy.


  1. Its wonderful to hear you are having such a lovely time, and I can well believe you are soaking up inspiration at every turn. Mumbai is one of my most favourite cities, it's so vibrant.

  2. Your pictures bring back fond memories. Thank you for sharing.
    Have a fun trip and return safely to US.

  3. I subscribe to Times of India and I color is a common thread. Have fun and enjoying work on my cultural fusions inspired quilt.

  4. love the pix and the family ties...such a great post

  5. Wow derail airport jitney! Great color inspiration. You are going to come back saturated.

  6. I have so been enjoying your beautiful, colorful photos on Facebook ....thanks for sharing your amazing travels with us!

  7. Nothing left un decorated is the moto, right!

  8. Gorgeous photos, especially the dresses and blouses. So nice you got to visit with mom and family.


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