Friday, May 22, 2015

Mug rugs

They can pack so much punch! They can be framed, or hung on the wall.  They can fill up a sad looking spot in the house with colors and texture.

I made one on Tuesday for an exchange at Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild's meeting. 

 I would rather call them mini art quilts. 

Fruit Rug?
Little bits and pieces of scraps-confetti found its way into a square. Three design elements - colors, textures and contrast - randomly chosen but mindfully put together.

Machine quilting gave it extra texture and pattern and artsy appearance.  I don't usually participate in exchanges because the deadlines drive me crazy. In spite of having an entire month to work on, I ended up making this one on the day of the meeting. Just goes to show you how unorganized I can be.

I had fun taking pictures though...

A quilt has to have a mug on it to call it a mug rug. Notice those imperfect diamonds on the mug? Do you know I have this thing about imperfections?

 and recycled art..

It was a swap and I could be happier that it has found a new home.

I came home and decided I needed to make more.

So I made two more. For whatever reason I am never running out of scraps and the tiniest ones find their way into something useful. And like that little back and white piece in the bottom right corner, they play the most important role in the piece. Got to love all the unexpected that happens in design.

They are looking pretty happy hanging together reminding me of this salad I had made a while back.

 I wonder if the colors we live with also stay in our heads and factor in when we design a quilt.

What do you think?

Do you find your life spilling into your quilts?

Do you look at your quilts and wonder about all the whys? 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you! I love your blog and I love your posts. These are really fun, my kind of quilting. I love improv.

  2. you are right - they are mini art quilts. I treasure the one you sent me! it's next to my machine

  3. Hello, Sujata.
    What a great idea! Those mug rugs are so beautiful in colors and designs. For me, they are too pretty to use. I do not want to make spots on them! But, yes, I am sure, they must be happy in their new home.
    Have a good day!

  4. Wonderful mug rugs, imperfections make them perfectly happy things around you!
    Thank you for your endless ideas!

  5. Wonderful post . . .

    I love making mug rugs (and journal covers) and gifting them unexpectedly.

    And YES - the colors of our lives appear in our quilts - absolutely!

  6. Mmmm...Love your artwork. ;)

  7. What a great post! I find that I'm almost always thinking of quilting :-) I love improv and you did such a nice job creating small art pieces. Hmm, I need to remember quilting in small squares, I really like that effect.

  8. beauuutiful!. Off I go to make something inspired by this.

  9. Love this mug rug, oh yes, so vibrant and I have lots of little spots that could use some color. Thank you Sujata for the further inspiration.

  10. These are beautiful works of art Sujata. The quilting adds a wonderful grid effect .

  11. I love the mug rug and colors! So pretty! I love the bowl too, is it made from selvages? Hugs,

  12. These are beautiful. I so enjoy your way to use with reds and oranges so much more courageously than me. I just got my copy of your book and truly enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. I experimented with some (orange!) triangle strips already. How freeing to play with the organic and experimental cutting!

  13. Love the colours in your minis, Fruit Rug is a great title!
    Most definitely life spills over into our quilts, I can tell by looking at quilts made in the past how I was feeling at the time I made it..

  14. I happen to be the recipient of the mug rug at the top of the post. I love the bright colors, with just the right touch of black to make them pop. It is so lovely to have a nice place to rest my morning cup of tea - one that certainly makes my desk a happier place! Thank you, Sujata!


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