Monday, July 6, 2015

Creative Christine and her Quilts

My friend Christine stopped by today with a great show and tell. She just pulled off the driveway, but I can hardly wait to show you what we did. (With her permission)

Christine's version of Peppermint Pinwheels. A generous queen size quilt.

Here is the detailed picture of her blocks. She chose to mix and match her colors within the block. I LOVE how they look! It makes them sparkle even without the sun!

Her machine quilted rainbow borders looked even more perfect in person.

Here she is! Here she was ''complaining'' how heavy this quilt was after being machine quilted.  Christine loves working with home-Dec fabrics.

She makes the best of all kinds of fabrics and loves the challenge of creatively using pre-cut fabrics.  

We hung her quilts on the line for pictures.

Are you seeing double?

Good! That's because she made not one but two quilts for her guest rooms and that's not all!

There is more! Just look at the next picture!

Like I said earlier, she loves working with pre-cut squares. Don't you love this quilt in the middle?

Check out the details on it. She hand quilted the quilt with perle cotton and embellished it with ... Guess what?

Paper clips!!!

Yes, you read it right - Paper clips! How clever is that? Who needs beads when you have got some fancy clips?

Christine also made these runners for my book before it was published. Unfortunately, it could not get included in the book due to the space restrictions. If you have my book you know how tightly the pages are filled. But now I get to share them with you. I wish she was a blogger, she would have hundreds of ideas for us all to try out.

Time flew by quickly as it always does. Christine, I am so glad you stopped by. As always, it was great time spent with you exchanging ideas and sharing stories.

I hope you are inspired by Christine's colors, textures and creativity. I am!

Thank you, Christine!


  1. So many wonderful ideas! I love her peppermint pinwheels with different solids and large floral backgrounds. They do really sparkle. And the triangle quilt and flying geese runners are fabulous. Congratulations to Christine!

  2. Oh, wow!!!!! Love Christine's pair of pinwheel quilts - LOVE!!!!!!! And using the paperclips as dangles is just too much fun. Thank you both for sharing today !!

  3. So pretty! I love how there's no binding on the quilt with the paper clips!

  4. Thanks for sharing Christine's beautiful work, terrific!

  5. Yes - I am definitely inspired! I always want to start cutting and sewing when I read your blog posts. Now I also want to pull out my paper clips and start twisting and bending them to make something wonderful!

  6. What wonderful quilts!!!! I've never worked with solids but these are sure tempting me to try them. I love her ideas!

  7. Happiness in fabric! When will I ever have the time tomato all these wonderful projects? In the meantime, thanks for introducing us to Christine!

  8. Great quilts. Thanks for sharing them.

  9. I loved reading this post which is rather silly because they are MY quilts. It was fun hanging them out on your lines and so sweet to read what you had to say about them. Thanks! Mohave a great time lecturing and teaching at MAQ!

    1. I loved this post too and its like a visit was in order with all the beautiful projects you made. Thanks for sharing this visit in your post Sujata!

  10. Beautiful 'peppermint' pinwheel quilts! The floral backgrounds are lovely against the solids like that! The others are beautiful projects too, thanx for sharing!

  11. Always a treat visiting with colorful Christine. Don't her quilts reflect her fun personality! Loved seeing them displayed in your style.

  12. wow! so fun!! love the quilts and the setting.

  13. Beautiful examples! I really like the way Christine interpreted your designs. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Your post made me feel as though I was there in your garden with you and Christine admiring these amazing quilts. Thank you for sharing them with us.


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