Friday, July 31, 2015

Introducing Rail Fence Quilt Along

Few of you have asked to start a quilt-along based on free-form block from my book. At the moment, rail fence is the quilt that's getting all of your attention. I think it is a great quilt to make. Considering what I went through while choosing the layout, I am hoping you all will go through the same dilemma.

Here is when I first showed my quilt in process. I titled that post - Productive days are happy days. 
At first fabric selection was the most fun part.. So I thought!

Making blocks was as much fun and that was just the beginning of my happiness. Once the blocks were ready, there was me and my design wall. There were so many possibilities to choose from!

So when you all suggested a quilt along, this became a first choice.

There are no specific requirements to be part of this. All you need is my book. I hope you have it already!

If you are a blogger, you can blog about it. If you are not, you can send me the pictures and I will share them on the blog.

I made a button for the QAL. Hooray!!!

You can grab it (if you like) and post it on your blog.

Here is the code for the QAL button.

Cultural Fusion Quilts

Add it to your layout under 

Configure HTML/JavaScript and you will have the button on your sidebar.

Are you a member of Cultural Fusion Quilts Blog? Would you like to be? Just send me an email and I will send you an invite to join.

There are no deadlines but sometime before Christmas, let's see some blocks in the making. I will leave rest to the process. I know once you start, you would want to make more than one or two.

Just ask Lynne at

I am also going to start my own version of this quilt. I am beyond excited to show you what this simple block can do.

Check out Cultural Fusion Quilts blog for more layouts and inspiration for this quilt.

Come join the fun! Oh and invite your friends too!


  1. I love your book and I do have it, so I think this one I may QAL with you and make for my nephew!

  2. I want to join in too! I just ordered the book so I can't wait for it to come. I'll start thinking about fabrics while I wait. Thank you for the QAL. Hugs,

  3. I would love to join the quiltalong! I love Barb's quilt... and Lynne's are amazing, so how can I resist?

  4. I know everyone will have fun with this quilt. The blocks are addictive!

  5. Added your button to my blog. I mentioned you in the second and third post back. I would love to be added to your Cultural Fusion blog. Can't wait to start!

  6. Yes I'm in too!! Great button and will add it now.

  7. Love this quilt... so, while I'm juggling balls in the air, I figure I may as while throw in another! Going now to sort a few fabrics!

  8. It's going to be fun seeing wonderful rail fence quilts popping up all over blogland.

  9. I'm in too! Can't wait to see all the iterations...

  10. Yeah, the Rail Fence is like those potato chips. You can never make just one!

    Lynne (Millie is the cat)

  11. Ok, I think I need to be part of this QAL. It's one of my favorites in the book. Well, ok, they are all my favorites. Should be fun.

  12. will be fun to watch - I have too many commitments to play this time. I loved making my boy quilt with these blocks.!

  13. I am so in....and its all Lynne Tyler's fault for being such a good teacher. I have 10 blocks done on my quilt as I started it on Jul 25th at Quilted Threads Class.

  14. I just started making blocks this morning. Love the size!

  15. I am in Sujata! I will post about it within two weeks, after my holidays! We will have a lot of fun!
    Thank you so much, hugs

  16. I am so in!!!! I have my book ready and am picking fabrics as I type this. Is Dorothy LeBouef on IG? I love her work in the book and wish I could see more of it!

  17. I would SO love to do this but I'm facing more than few deadlines right now. Looking forward to seeing what everyone does!


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