Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Trip to Ann Arbor - Part One

The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild contacted me early last year in May. The guild program director Lottie Parker did a great job staying in touch throughout the year and made sure my stay there was comfortable.

I taught two classes - Windmill class was scheduled the day before the guild meeting and Peppermint Pinwheels was scheduled on the day after the meeting. Here are some of the pictures of guild members' work from the Windmills class..

Speaking of Winmills, I also have some pictures from class at Sisters to share.

Jodena's quilt top is stunning. You can find her work on Instagram @jodenab

And this is the picture of one of my favorite students from Sisters. She is 12 years old, a terrific quilter already. You can follow her work on Instagram @mycraftyclub

Sue Nikiel wanted pop of colors on the walls of her log cabin house. I think she got that pop!

It was so nice to finally meet Lori from Humble Quilts.
She worked her magic in the class and had her top ready before even leaving the class.

As I was setting up my quilts on the stage and catching my breath before the talk (as I always do since my first experience) people were trickling in the auditorium.

I spotted those two members with Julie Sefton's book, Build A Barn!
I was thrilled to see it and had to take this picture.

 Sunday's Peppermint Pinwheel class was also as much fun and as colorful as ever.  

We had some very prolific group of quilters! They all ended up making at least four or more blocks on the day of the class. I loved the variety of fabrics in the class.

Thank you Sonya, Lottie, Judy, Carol and everyone at Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild for your warm hospitality. You made my experience memorable!

After the classes I visited a dear friend on Beaver island. I can't wait to share the story about that in a day or two. Stay tuned!



  1. Just lovely Windmill quilts...such pretty colors...hugs, Julierose

  2. I think I like the windmill best when it looks like tall vines reaching for the ski. The top pic is wonderful but the ones with b&w are cool also. It appears the students took your teaching and ran with it.

  3. All of your students' work is beautiful! You have been giving a lot. Looking forward to hearing about your secret friend on Beaver Island!

  4. Ooohhh - Beaver Island. What fun it will be to hear about that visit!

    Your students created some beautiful versions of your designs -- and thank you for sharing the photo of the ladies with my book. Such fun to see it out and about in the world.

  5. What a fabulous parade of colourful blocks and tops. It's wonderful to see you spreading your inspiring teaching to so many. I'm looking forward to hearing about your visit too!!

  6. So good to see this wonderful colourful post from you Sujata. I Love the richness of the quilt in progress in the top photo.

  7. Wow Sujata - these are absolutely beautiful! Did you get to see Shail?

  8. look at all the fabulous color! I'm very eager to hear about your side trip/visit, of course. :-)

  9. It's such a gray day today-- beautiful, colorful quilts, just what I needed! Your students are talented quilters.

  10. Looks like great fun!! So rewarding to see students success. Congratulations.

  11. I miss your blog posts ;000
    I know you must be on the road giving workshops, though. I am thinking of making one of my twin grandsons one of your quilts for his going away to college quilt:
    either Windmills or Gridlock--his fave color is red so am working on a color scheme...hope all is well hugs, Julierose


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