Wednesday, April 25, 2018

I am still here!

This morning as I was sipping my tea I thought of this blog once again. Well, I often do but today I feel like writing a few words. Six months is long enough break.. I think.

Looking back at past six months..

Amy and I had the best time in India. If you follow either of us on IG @therootconnection you must have seen many pictures of our amazing trip to India. I took hundreds of pictures but here are few just for today.

Trip to the local market

City Place - Lord Krishna Room

Sharing our life stories with new friends and making art

Traditional henna designs with local artist

At the end of a shopping day

A birthday celebration

I love this girl!

Evening light at the fort
Tie -Die Turbans on our stunningly beautiful models

life stories wrapped on mala beads in one afternoon

At a textile museum - I want to go back to this moment!

Friends reunited

A photo I could not resist

we gained friendships of kind and sweet staff

and were touched by their generosity

we experienced kindness

unforgettable moments were captured when least expected

our emotional goodbyes

I am sitting here in our rather empty San Diego apartment. We have pretty much every basic things we need to get by. Sometimes it makes you wonder how little we really need on day to day bases.

Among few basic things, a plant and a quilt made the list.

A good start of a new life
I started this quilt in fall of 2017. I was hoping to finish it before leaving for India but glad it was unfinished. Now I get to stitch down our move to this southern most city of the west coast.

Most important news of last few months - On Thanksgiving day my daughter in law gave us the best news yet. We are going to welcome our first grandchild soon!
It's time to make the baby quilt and I feel I am already running out of time!


That's all for today.

I hope you all are sewing something good.


  1. Congratulations on the news of your first grandchild! They give you a whole new outlook on the world. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your India trip... am enjoying the beauty vicariously.

  2. Oh what wonderful news! A grandchild fills your life with wonder. I am so happy that you will now the joy of holding your baby's baby in your arms. There is nothing like it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful images with us. They are beautiful.

  3. Having a grandchild changes everything.:) Lovely to catch up with you!

  4. So very happy for your first grandchild -- you won't believe the joy that is headed your way. And so glad to find your post here this morning. I think of you so often . . .

  5. Congrats on your upcoming new family member! Are you on the move again, moving homes is such a chore and still loving your work. I long to be able to attend a workshop of yours in Vancouver maybe?

  6. I’m so glad to hear from you, Sujata! You have had an exciting time of it with moving, creative adventures, and now a grandchild! Congratulations! Besides the quilt and the plant, I feel certain that a sewing machine lives somewhere in your new apartment! May you find much to enjoy in San Diego including a good Indian bakery. Love from Lindsay

  7. So happy to see your post Sujatha, I do miss reading about your quilts and what's happening with you and your family. Of course, this post is such a happy one - congratulations to you and your family on the news of the expected baby - June is not too far away and the time will soon be here. It's so very special to have grand-children, I know you will enjoy this part of your life - don't forget to keep in touch with us.

  8. aww a wonderful post...and a new baby too...enjoy your wonderful life.


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