Saturday, January 26, 2019

2019 - A Year of New Quilts and Classes

 I have been looking at my latest quilts lately and wondering.
If I am floating between the spaces. It is easy to do when I go down the memory lane while stitching away.

Primary Colors

They are mostly paved with million little stitches. Each one gets me closer to the space I am trying to reach.
 Most of my favorite quilts have had humble and spontaneous beginnings.
 They surround me with brightness just like the Sunlight in every nook and corner of this home.

They brighten my evenings like that ray of light at the end of a gray day. 

No matter where I am headed with quilting, my past remains with me. Not a bad thing to be attached to if you ask me.

These are the samples of my classes for 2019.  Come away with me!

Click on the link below each picture to sign up for the classes.

Here is the link to all of 2019 schedule.

Happy Quilting you all!


  1. What treats these workshops will be. Love all your quilts at a distance and even more close up.

  2. how about coming to Charlotte, North Carolina sometime....?

  3. The sun is shining this afternoon, but seeing your quilts still brightened my day and gave me a lift. Thank you!

  4. The first quilt is so stunning! It has been in the back of mind for a couple of days and this morning I have bought up a big selection of solid fabrics! I will resist looking at it again and let the colourful ideas percolate in my mind! I will definitely take inspiration from your quilt and see what happens when I start making a new quilt! I might try hand cutting and hand piecing mixed with some machine piecing! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful quilts :)

  5. Stuck here in Spain this year. will make a point to join you some time in the future...Cultural fusion quilts book helps, though... :)

  6. Thank you for the eye candy. Your quilts are so beautiful. And I too believe it is difficult to look forward without a connection to the past.

  7. Wow - a sumptuous post Sujatha!! All your quilts here are a delight and so very, very full of colour, I love them!

  8. such beauty ~ quilts from your heart!

  9. very beautiful quilts. close to nature and awesome colors used. True Art of embroidery digitizing.

  10. Sujata, your journey with breast cancer closely follows mine. I was diagnosed in November 1996. I, too, was told it probably wasn't cancer, however my surgeon wisely told me that I should open the door, look inside, and at least entertain the idea that it could be. When I got the news from him a week later after the biopsy, I was fairly calm. My tumor was also found by myself and was stage 1. None the less, as a a student of biology I elected to have at least a minimum range of chemotherapy in addition to the lumpectomy and radiation. It was a wise decision it turns out because our family now has been found to carry the BRCA2 gene. I was tested and, of course, I have that gene. Back in 1996 nothing was known of this mutation nor would there have been any test to detect it. Having a stage 1 tumor is good news, if there can be good news with this sort of diagnosis. Know that you are stronger than you think and that you have many people who love you and a strong family that will support you. Hugs.


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