Friday, June 5, 2020

Playing Catch Up

Can I pick up where I left off a little over a year back?

Probably not. I did try though! Just a couple of weeks back I drafted a post about my past year but in this moment, it just feels like the personal storm that passed through and life has brought new challenges. Not just for me but the entire world. I look at it as a message to me  - Just keep going, be better at living your life, be more aware, more compassionate and kind.  

Most importantly living in the moment, just this moment.

So I have been doing just that, being in the moment and sewing away. Busy with my hands and my mind, stitching down everything that is going on in my life.

It has been time for self evaluation - of my strengths as well as weaknesses. Working with little scraps has allowed me to be in the moment. Most of my fabrics are still in the garage. So I remain content with whatever I see right in front of me. Although the other day, I did bring out some "new" fabrics from the garage and added them to my basket.

These few months of stay at home has allowed me to be good to my indoor plats. They have never looked so healthy! House plants are another thing that keeps me focused. Taking care of them, watching them grow has become a second nature since I was a little girl. My father taught me that and I am forever grateful for that. 

I have loved watching this pothos one grow since last year. It used to live on the bathroom window until Kai pulled it down. Poor plant was shocked but with enough care and love it is back again! Well, that and the fact that it is very easy to grow plant.

On a personal note - It has been quite a year but I can not complain. Having traveled to Toronto, Pennsylvania, Seattle and India in between cancer treatment and Covid 19 Stay at home order I feel pretty fortunate.

I intend to hang on to that feeling.

Have a good day you all!


  1. So good to hear from you again Sujata and pleased that you're continuing on with your beautiful stitching!You have been lucky to fit in the travel in addition to coping with the treatment, I hope you're still recovering well.

  2. Yes all we have is now, we cannot change the past and the future is uncertain. I love the colors you are using. Your plants do look beautiful!

  3. Soo good to hear you again. I am glad you are well. This quilt is gorgeous. The feeling is warmth and contentment from this quilt. I must give this a try. Hoping yout still going to have another book!

  4. Wonderful to find your post here today. So good to see your hand work. Fun story about Kai and the pothos plant that used to live on the windowsill (Little Man has never (cough cough) done anything like that (grin).

  5. I'm glad you are feeling balanced in these unsettled times. This virus is a challenge for all of us everywhere and balance is something we all need to work on, now more than ever. Your strength is an inspiration, in view of your two major upheavals in the last year. Your words are encouraging me to hold on to my focus points.

  6. It's good to hear that your Healing Quilt has brought you through to this return to your blog. SEW happy that you are a survivor!

  7. Welcome back! A favorite line from a kid's movie: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming..." You and I and all the other quilters have an outlet to comfort us through this pandemic, making useful/beautiful things from scraps. Sew glad you are doing better.

  8. Welcome back to Blogland! I for one am thankful that you are here! I know you have a tougher year than most of us and I wish you a clear and beautiful future! Keep up the scrap play, your quilts are always gorgeous.

  9. I am happy to see you post as well...When my husband was paralyzed in the bed with ALS, I asked him how in the world was he handling that.. He said to me..."I only stay in the day, and I never let my mind go where I have no control". Wise words from a dying man that help me thru my days...Sending you quilty love xo

  10. So good to see your work in progress. You are so right. We need to focus on the present. Can't change the past. Most of our problems have faded to insignificance. Your plants appreciate you. Hummingbirds have returned to my feeders. Such a joy to see them flitting around.

  11. I saw your work on The Quilt Show and loved it. I had to watch it again yesterday because I wanted to learn your technique on this little quilt. Your work is beautiful and your words are encouraging.


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