Monday, October 30, 2017

Good News, Bad News

Life is full of all kinds of news. We must navigate through times, both good and bad and somehow make it on the other side. I don't know how many times I have reminded myself with "This too shall pass".. it always does.

Early this year my husband lost his job due to a big buy out of his company. His department was shut down and you get the picture.

The change happened just before we went to India and Thailand. The trips were planned well in advance and we thought a little vacation doesn't hurt anyone. And it didn't!

We had a great time and after coming back I got right into my teaching trips. Numerous workshops and lectures kept me busy all throughout this year. My husband on the other hand had busy months filled with searching for a new job. Our primary goal was to find a job right here in the bay area, where we feel very much at home and hope to be for rest of our lives. The idea of another move just didn't sound appealing. We have done this "move thing" few times and I rather not even think about it.

In May, our younger son, Shail graduated from Berkeley with his graduate degree and found a job right here in San Francisco and my daughter, Kavita graduated from Emerson college and started working in Boston. In August as you all know, our first-born got married in August and life couldn't be any perfect.

Sometimes even the best of the things can be over shadowed by that one, only negative thing in life but those good things in life work as fuel to help us carry on.

Here are some good news! After months of searching, my husband has a new job. A job that is just right, in fact it started out with a trip overseas. That only means there will be some traveling in future for him and may be for me?

Well... let's talk about my travels later.  

At the same time Kavita has a new job..where you ask?

Right here in San Francisco! She arrived just a couple of days ago.

Life is now perfect! 

Not so fast!

My husband's job is in San Diego! Eight hours away from home.

Yes, we are on the move again. 

So, after all these years of me wishing for my family to be on the same coast, We managed to reach that goal.

I am not sure what's in hold for us but for now, I am preparing for my upcoming cruise to the Caribbean with World of Quilt Travels. I am excited to meet everyone and teach on my first ever quilting cruise.

My husband is moving to San Diego soon and I will join him in few months after few of my travel plans including my Handmade India tour with Amy Butler.

Yes, it is true. Life gives with all its mighty, good and bad, we must accept. You never know what it could turn into.

For now, everyone in the family is employed and these two started their new job on the same day!

Life is Good!


  1. I hope that you have a wonderful adventure with your husband's new job and that you still get to share occasions with the kids. It is difficult and you are a couple of hours further from your kids, but we travel 6-8 times a year to see our children. 6 vs 8 hours is a huge difference, but I think it is doable and you will have new places that they may want to explore.

  2. Congratulations on the two new jobs and on being on the same coast! We have had our two adult children far from home for a few years, with one living in EU for the last three, and the other a mountain hopping nomad. We are all back on the left coast now. ;) good luck with your move and enjoy that cruise!

  3. Has to be hard to move again. Hope his new job is good for him.
    Does the simply moderne magazine have the pattern for your quilt in it? I really love it. Happy Cruising!

  4. I wish you well on this new leg of this journey we call life! And like you said, you all have jobs. And a family that loves each other, life is good!

  5. Wonderful news that everyone is on the same coast and employed. Darn that you are leaving the Bay Area. Hopefully you will be back soon.

  6. A door closed, a window opened....and that repeated a couple of times! Glad that the resolution is positive. And how nice to have everyone in the same time zone. Enjoy the teaching cruise!

  7. There is lots to do in San Diego so it will be quite an adventure. Take a road trip to Del Mar and take a walk on the beach. It is gorgeous there!

  8. I'm SO happy for you all! Your wishes came true, with just a little bit of adjustment--well maybe more than a little bit. San Diego will be a new adventure. Who knows what lies waiting for you there? And you are all on the West Coast, just a few hours from each other, and from us. Congratulations to everyone! I hope the cruise is fun and relaxing for you. Big hugs.

  9. Very exciting times - and I know you will embrace the change and enjoy it all! Looking forward to the future!

  10. Thinking of you as you navigate your new adventures...xo

  11. That's a very touching post ...but full of hope...

  12. Yes, life, sunshine and shadow, often concurrently! The good news is you can DRIVE the eight hours... and I hear San Diego is glorious, with perfect weather all the time! Still... hard to move.

  13. I hope that everything works out well for all your family Sujata, you've had quite a time of upheaval but before long you'll be able to settle down again I'm sure. Wishing you all well!

  14. Oh my gosh Sujata! I just can’t believ it! I’m happy for Nilesh and Kavita but just in shock for you. It will all work out and you will be happy. I’m sure of this. Good luck with al, the decisions coming up. Can’t wait to hear about the cruise.

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  16. Congratulations to both of them. Life is full of twists and turns isn't it? I wish you the best.

  17. Yeah for all the new jobs and all the family being on the West Coast. Hope your cruise is fabulous!

  18. What a roller coaster but you seem to be ready to make it work. Enjoy the ride.


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