Monday, October 9, 2017

PNQF Museum

This past weekend I had the opportunity to teach a workshop at the Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber  Arts Museum, previousely known as the La Conner Quilt Museum. The love and kindness I see in quilters is always overwhelming and makes me want to continue in this direction. We worked on Endless Mountains and the results were as fun as ever.
Here are some pictures from the workshop.
I also got to see few of the quilts made by my lovely friends from previous workshop. They are my biggest rewards of teaching.

This is also my first time blogging from an iPad. Let's see if I do it right.


  1. Looks like you had a great time! Great quilts!

  2. Looks good to me (the posting from an iPad). LOVE seeing the previous workshop quilts - and how I wish I had the opportunity to play with Endless Mountains in one of your classes.

  3. I’ve enjoyed seeing your student work on Instagram and here. Oddly enough, several people have told me recently they are planning to use your tumbler/endless mountain idea in a quilt. And here are more. Easy to see why it’s so popular.
    Thanks for sharing photos of them and the museum. It looks like a fun visit.

  4. how wonderful to see the finished quilts. The post looks good, but the photos are smaller, you may have a choice when you load them.

  5. I love the horizontal disposal of the quilt in the 4th picture, it looks like the shimmer on the surface of the water!
    This is very inspiring, thank you! 😊
    Best wishes!

  6. Lovely quilts, I love them all. I’ve tried posting from my iPad but am unable to insert a photo from my iPad photos.’d you do that?

  7. Lovely work from the participants in the workshop, obviously a fun class!

  8. Just love your style. These quilts by students are gorgeous!


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