Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just for Fun


'Inspirations from the quilts of 'Gee's bend'
I pretended that I had an old sheet ( solid green),  some scraps of a dress ( floral print) ,  a wool coat and pants and kitchen towels and a few other odds and ends. I limited myself to using only what was in that pile. I also added some corduroy that was left over from my previous housetop quilt.

There were unique challenges involved in making this quilt. By limiting the pile of fabrics,  using every scrap to the last bit was a must. Adding new fabric from the stash was not an option.

The patches and strips were randomly cut. With no measurements in mind, I started by using the bigger patches and strips first so that I would not waste any fabric by cutting them too small.. The number of the blocks grew along with my desire for making it into a bed size quilt. When it came to stitching the blocks into the rows, I added all of the leftover small scraps and strings to the smaller blocks to even them out and continued further.  

Often times, the final outcome of my quilts has been completely different than the vision I started out with. And most of the times I have been happy in the end. I wonder if limits and restrictions make me work harder?
In the quest for perfection or preconceived ideas, we miss out on fun and surprises that are involved in the process of making a quilt!
This quilt was an experiment just for fun and that it was!


  1. I wondered what you were doing during your huge snowstorm (besides shoveling the driveway) and now I see. It's beautiful and the texture must be amazing too. Scrap quilts are still my favorites. Well done, Sujata! How will you finish it?

  2. Thank you, Helen!

    This was actually made a while ago. I am hoping to hand quilt this one. Not sure when I will actually get to it. I have been 'making fabrics' during these snow storms... A string project that has been circling in my head for a while.

  3. Beautiful! Your wonderful color sense is apparent, even in this hodge podge of scraps. So many fun compositions. I could look at it for hours.

  4. This is great! I like how you used your imagination and made a game out of it... I often do the same thing, and find it very helpful, (and fun!)

  5. I love the relaxed feel of this quilt! It's so cheerful too.
    a very successful experiment I'd say? :)

  6. Ann, it was a lot of fun and quite relaxing to work on this quilt. Not having to worry about matching seams and sewing in straight lines can be very helpful if you like that sort of things!
    I like the freedom these quilts provide in contrast to the traditional quilts. Not that I dislike traditional quilts, but change is good for me!
    Keeps life interesting!


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