Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another take on Thomas' Quilt

Quilt made by Helen Knopf

Helen made this quilt in the class inspired by Gee's bend quilts. The idea was to try to experience the limits felt by the women of Gee's bend and choose the background for the quilt strictly from the clearance rack. We often plan out the quilt in advance and miss out on the journey and the surprises that awaits in the end result!

Helen says,"I remember thinking this was the ugliest quilt I had ever made but continued to experiment until it became something I could love." 

She was unhappy with the original design and struggled with it for some time.But she kept with it and by cutting it up and framing the squares with shot cottons gave this quilt the life that she was looking for. I am still envious of this quilt and you just have to take my word for it when I say that the picture does not do the justice this quilt deserves!

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  1. Sujata - they are all beautiful and I would like to more too.

    But I can tell you the 4th one down is by our very own NW artist, Lisa Jenni ... you can read more about the quilt at


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