Saturday, March 27, 2010

String Quilt

End of the bolt strings folded in quarters, cut and stitched together along with scraps of clothes from family members and other projects.
Trimmed down to 9 1/2" wide blocks. Pieced into columns and put together as a top.
Another practice sample for machine quilting!


  1. Sujata, this is IMPRESSIVE ! ! !
    A string project to top all string projects.
    I am enjoying No Strings Attached Challenge.

  2. Beautiful! I found you on Library Gals blog, you are the maker of that cool wagon wheel quilt, you are a creative unique quilter, love your work! This string quilt is great!

  3. Beautiful! How wide are the strings? Enjoying your blog :).

  4. Thanks, Cat and Katy!
    The strings are anywhere between 1/2" to 1 1/2" finished. All the ones from bolt ends are less than one inch wide. All from previous projects are wider than an inch.
    Thanks for visiting!

  5. Great idea. Happy quilting! Have a great trip to visit your mom. Sally

  6. Beautiful! Your sprinkling of white throughout keeps it from getting too heavy. You are a color genius!

  7. Thanks, Nifty!
    Honestly, I can not take the credit for color selection for this quilt. I picked every string that came in my hand and cut it in four. You should see this quilt from up close...
    It was all the magic of the true nature of scrap quilt!

  8. really love this quilt - congrats!


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