Monday, March 29, 2010

Machine Quilting

I finally tried machine quilting and to my surprise, it was not as scary as I thought it would be! I am sure it will take lot more practice to come close to perfection  but for now, I can see my quilts get finished. 

 It was a great feeling to put the binding on the quilt. It had been a while since I did that! 
It is one of my favorite things about the whole process. You work with raw edges for so long during the whole process of cutting and piecing the fabrics. If you are a hand quilter, it is even longer!   
There is nothing like turning over the edge of the quilt while you are sewing the binding and take a peek every now and then to see how the quilt is going to look in the end!

As a quilter it has been always about enjoying the process and not rush to the final result I was afraid that if I started machine quilting, I will get into a production mode and not enjoy the journey. 
I really never learned how to use my wonderful Viking for machine quilting!
All I had to do was to try!

I have been getting ready for my long awaited trip to India and need to finish a few projects before I leave. 

  I can not wait to baste another top and practice some more! 


  1. Congratulations! It looks like you did a beautiful job! I love your thoughts on hand sewing the binding, and I couldn't agree more. Its the part of the process where we get to slow down a little, reflect, and -- if it's a gift -- sew in a little more love for the recipient.

  2. I have just finished a Machine Quilting Workshop and boy it was so scary at first. I do feel the need to do heaps of practicing to get my rhythym happening but I can see myself actually finishing a quilt that I had done from go to whoa!

    I too love to hand stitch the binding on to the back. It gives a beautiful finish and is a good time to enjoy the quilt that I made.

    Well done on the machine quilting!

  3. looks really beautiful. have a wonderful trip in India, and looking forward to your report on handmade crafts from there!

  4. it's wonderful!!!! congrats on mastering a new skill. enjoy your trip!

  5. Wow! You did a fantastic job on the quilting. I love that cheerful quilt..and the binding is an extra special finishing touch.
    I agree with your thoughts on the's a chance to reflect on the quilting journey, where the quilt will go, and how it will be used. It always surprises me when I hear people say they hate to do the bindings. :)

  6. When do you sleep? Love the candy stripe binding.

  7. Buffy, It happened slowly but with only one child left at home... I have so much time on my hands now!

  8. This is a beautiful quilt. I LOVE the red and white binding you used. And, I couldn't agree more, whip stitching the binding to the back is a peaceful and joyful process! : ) Your machine quilting looks terrific! I've been practicing too. It is scary, but it's doable too!!!

    Enjoy your trip to India. Sounds amazing. Be safe.

  9. We must be connected in spirit. I'm getting back to machine quilting too! In fact, today I will be launching on a new (old) project. Thanks to you, I'm now looking forward to it!

    Love your stripe binding. It adds another level of freshness to an already beautiful quilt.

  10. the binding is the best part (and the only step that I hand quilt :-)


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