Monday, September 27, 2010

Productive days are happy days!

 Six empty bobbins!

 25 finished blocks for a new quilt.

Six blocks for the 15 minutes Bee

I was supposed to make only one, but they were so much fun I could not help myself! 

I am inspired
very happy.

I think it was that trip to the mall!


  1. I'm having a productive=happy day too. Look forward to seeing those blocks hiding in the folds there.

  2. Wow! you've been busy... productive days really are the most satisfying days :)
    Your blocks are very fun! Happy quilting!!!

  3. OK now, Sujuta. You've throw out the guantlet. Six blocks for the 15 Minute Quilt Bee? SIX? Perhaps I need a trip to the mall :) awonderfulla, awonderfulla

  4. Your new quilt, all folded up looks so great! Stylish, warm, fun and retro, all at the same time.

  5. Lots of wonderful things going on here!! Loved the empty bobbin beginning. I can understand why you didn't stop at one block, they look fantastic!

  6. woohoo! your play blocks are fun - that quilt is going to be awesome all assembled.

  7. Twenty five blocks for your latest quilt and SIX for Victoria!? Look forward to sseing what tricks you have hidden in those carefully folded fabrics...

  8. WOW! Fantastic and getting so much done!!

  9. wow - that was all in one day? SIX Bobbins?! I am impressed. way to go :)


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