Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Wheel

My sewing room is a mess. 

I started working on a new quilt and my brain got filled with too many color combination. 

Not good, when you want to just slice and sew. 

The room has exploded with fabrics..

On the floor...
On the sewing table and even on the ironing board!

Brain storm! 
Not the good kind!

 I decided to pull my scrappy wheel out to piece the background to it. 

 I found the perfect  leftover fabric from another project.

 Now the wheel has become a square patch! Everything around the black background is still in patches.

It is going to be a slow quilt for sure. 

See that block on the top corner with X?

That was the only leftover block from the quilt below.

I knew it would come handy some day!

 I needed to take a break from thinking about colors and textures and just sew something.

 Sewing up the background was enough to feel accomplished!

Sometimes, that's all it takes. 

A break!


Colors and textures.

Size and shape.
 Just slice and sew!
How do you get out of feeling 'stuck'?


  1. I clean out my pantry. Or my closet. Or the garage. Or cook something. One of my favorite quotes is from Ann Morrow Lindberg's book, Gift from the Sea: "And when I cannot write a poem, I'll make bisquits and feel just as pleased" creating order or creating something yummy works for me!

  2. wow, that's a ton of work with that wheel girl!
    Just found your blog, wanted to say HI.

  3. What a great sense of accomplishment even though the aftermath with cleaning up all the fabrics. This quilt is coming along fantastically. But I know that feeling after a frenzy of work. Bonnie

  4. Wow!! I was gushing over your wheel quilt then scrolled down and saw the cross quilt, wow!! Both are amazing!!

  5. Love that X quilt, along with the scrappy fun one! When I feel stuck, I clean my quilting space and/or finish something. Then the creativity returns.

  6. Your Gees Bend inspired quilts are wonderful! Thanks for visiting my blog. You would have loved the quilts at the show I was at yesterday!

    Please come back to visit again sometime!


  7. I so love love love it! fantastic. the background fabric for the wheel is marvelous. did you actually piece the background to the wheel or applique it? I know the former is possible, but it boggles my mind.

  8. Another mind blowing project from Sujata to inspire us all. You ask what others do when they get stuck. Well, I just check out your blog along with the multitude of talents as they blog along.

  9. This looks great! It doesn't always help but sometimes when I'm stuck I try creating something in a different medium.


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