Friday, October 29, 2010

Basket full of Scraps 1

 20" X 32"

The scraps turned into a huge basket. 
Few leftover grays made nice background  for the block.
Appliqued handle fits just right!
It turned out bigger than I had expected! I have no idea how this quilt is going to evolve but that is part of the fun! 
Read more about it here
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I need your emails to send you an invite. 

So far I have, 

If you don't see your name and you already sent me an email, may be I did not have your address. 
My apologies, if you did and I forgot.. send it to me again!

Basket full of scraps makes baskets full of scraps!

Have a great weekend!



  1. I LOVE it! It'll be fun to see what happens next!

  2. Oh, my! I am so very tempted. With far too many projects in the works at this time, I must control my impulse to join. Don't know if you recall my first comment regarding your first basket post. My mind thought of bags, not baskets.Then my mind jumped to shoes, as in matching my shoes with my bags. Who knows what may follow one day.In the mean time, I'll be looking forward to seeing all the pretty scrappy baskets

  3. I've been dreaming about baskets. love yours.

  4. I LovE that you used shot cottons you used for backing! what great color! My dear Sujata, I'd join in, But I have to many projects on my lap right now....

  5. I love the saying at the end - A basket full of scraps makes baskets full of scraps - brilliant!!

  6. love it! scale, quirkiness and the background!

  7. Hey Sujata, Fabulous stuff!! I luv it! Have a great weekend! Happy sewing!

  8. Oooh...I'd love to join too, but my husband will shoot me if I start another project before finishing some of those in progress!!

  9. Your basket is wonderful and it is inspiring to any liberated quilter, tho I'm only slightly liberated. I see you have the Lib-Quilters Yahoo Group logo on your sidebar. If you are a member would you like to post a photo of your basket at the group? I know everyone would love to see it. Or, I can post a link to your basket, in a message to the group.
    Kathleen C. in CT

  10. Your baskets are so fun - love them!
    This is very tempting...
    ; )


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