Monday, November 1, 2010

Why not?

 Making baskets out of scraps is very addicting. As you can see They multiply very easily!
All you have to do is sew your scraps together into a piece of fabric and trim that fabric into a triangle with pointy or a flat bottom!  

I made a few and wondered about the background.. As you can see, I tried a couple of them.

My poor husband politely said, "They are cute but you can't really see them. The baskets were getting lost!"

My friend Kelly commented that she liked the medium background because she always chooses light  backgrounds.

The light bulb went on!

I, always choose dark backgrounds !
It is time for a change..
and while I am at it,
Why not go crazy all the way? 

So I did!

I am happy with where this is going.. 

 Here is how it will look when all the blocks come together. 

Crazy background for my crazy baskets.

I put a handle on one of them.

First I cut the shape out of the scrap.

Then I machine basted it with long stitch and hand  appliqued the out side edge. 

 Then trimmed the center of the appliqued handle in desired thickness and appliqued inner edge of the handle.

I sewed the handle section and the base to the basket!
Couldn't help sneaking in a printed scrap.

I like this one a lot.. 
Want to see more? 
Want to join the fun?
Visit here
Send me an email. 

This is definitely a great start to my Monday morning.
Hope you are having a good day!


  1. Oh, wonderful! Yes, I have scrap blanks already made, I could cut them into baskets! Woohoo!

  2. You've created a monster! Three down, more to go. They are so fast when you've already got the scraps put together.

  3. I want to see you baskets! Can't wait!

  4. Kristin, I meant to say your baskets.. Silly me!

  5. The shirting fabrics for the background look fabulous! Have fun!!

  6. Oh I'm on my way to work, I want to go home and play!!! These are wonderful!! At least I've got lovely fun things to think about while I'm at work.

  7. love that turquoise plaid...and your tutorial...baskets always looked like a paint because of the handles!

  8. I like that first black and white fabric as a background with that particular basket. Busy is my middle name and that one fits! I like your pieced backgrounds too though!

  9. Just look at you. You've lost that Amish feeling, giggles! As must as I love the dark backgrounds, those light plaids and stripes are so happy.


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